The Women

This is a list of Jewish women who appear in the source records.
ID Name Dates mentioned in records
pp_1 Antera of Coventry featured 1218–1220
pp_542 Mirabel of Gloucester featured 1218–1250
pp_421 Comitissa Turbe of Gloucester featured 1220
pp_354 Rachel Lumbard of Nottingham featured 1232–1251
pp_66 Licoricia of Winchester featured 1234–1282
pp_8 Belia of Bedford featured 1236–1281
pp_440 Mildegod of Oxford featured 1252–1292
pp_675 Gyna Russell featured 1259–1276
pp_1070 Trina of Canterbury featured 1260
pp_363 Joyetta of Marlborough featured (convert) 1268
pp_232 Avigaye of Northampton featured 1272–1280
pp_982 Genta granddaughter of Genta featured 1273–1280
pp_36 Belaset of London featured 1273–1281
pp_366 Belecote of Winchester featured 1275–1281
pp_357 Milkana of London featured 1275–1282
pp_827 Belia wife of Vives le Romanzour featured 1277
pp_134 Margarina of Oxford featured 1278
pp_794 Chera of London featured 1278–1280
pp_491 Belaset of Oxford 1147–1189
pp_485 Pucelle mother of Benedict Grossus 1182
pp_404 Avigaye of London 1183–1228
pp_1158 Bona of Winchester 1200
pp_1160 Henna wife of Leo son of Solomon 1200–1223
pp_286 Rosa daughter of Brito of Nottingham 1200–1234
pp_287 Ivette wife of Brito of Nottingham 1200–1234
pp_463 Pucelle mother of Ursell 1200–1250
pp_460 Margaret daughter of Jurnet 1201–1203
pp_661 Margaret wife of Jacob son of Moses 1201–1203
pp_592 Unnamed wife of Milo 1208
pp_1171 Leah mother of Josce 1210–1220
pp_663 Miriam daughter of Isaac 1214–1215
pp_462 Miriam mother of Abraham, wife of Joseph 1214–1229
pp_1159 Saphira of Bristol 1215
pp_248 Belia the Widow 1215–1256
pp_13 Pigone of Norwich 1218
pp_399 Esterota daughter of Isaac Red 1218
pp_239 Avigaye mother of Aaron 1218
pp_21 Chera of Winchester 1218–1279
pp_272 Unnamed sister of Sampson Furmentin 1219–1220
pp_583 Comitissa wife of Josce of Oxford 1220
pp_275 Unnamed wife of Isaac 1220
pp_412 Sarra wife of Deulecresse 1220
pp_623 Belina 1220
pp_624 Unnamed wife of Solomon Beverly 1220
pp_625 Rosa wife of Meir of Bungay 1220
pp_703 Miriam wife of Manser 1220
pp_626 Reina wife of Benedict Parvus 1220
pp_419 Godenota wife of Furmentin of Lincoln 1220
pp_877 Belina of Gloucester daughter of Mirabel 1220–1235
pp_139 Avigaye of Canterbury 1220–1281
pp_246 Tercia daughter of Deulecresse 1221–1225
pp_9 Merema daughter of Jacob 1224
pp_403 Rosa of Lincoln, mother of Hake 1228–1278
pp_283 Ivette mother-in-law of Manasser 1230
pp_405 Rosa wife of Cocky 1230
pp_1082 Belia wife of Vives 1230
pp_406 Pinc' of Winchester 1230
pp_1083 Henna wife of Isaac 1230
pp_1084 Avigaye/Agavia 1230
pp_548 Juetta 1230–1240
pp_12 Milkana daughter of Reuben 1230–1262
pp_1170 Avigaye of Northampton I 1231
pp_1086 Rosa of York mother of Mariot 1231
pp_1089 Marra of Stamford 1232
pp_1092 Esther daughter of Chera of Winchester 1232
pp_1120 Floria Lithum of Milk Street 1232–1237
pp_507 Floria daughter of Jacob l'Eveske 1232–1253
pp_709 Juetta wife of Abraham son of Abraham 1233
pp_1097 Cristiana of Oxford (convert) 1233
pp_1100 Emma of Ipswich (convert) 1234
pp_1101 Joan of London II (convert) 1234
pp_1112 Chera wife of Augustine the Convert 1234
pp_1113 Matilda (convert) 1234
pp_1103 Letia of Norwich (convert) 1234
pp_1104 Isabella of Bristol (convert) 1234
pp_477 Margaret mother of Leo 1234
pp_478 Sarra mother of Simon Cok 1234
pp_1098 Isabella of Cambridge (convert) 1234
pp_1099 Mariota (convert) 1234
pp_458 Maydin wife of Jacob Crespin 1234–1270
pp_449 Rosa Crespin of London 1234–1278
pp_1111 Pucelle of Gloucester daughter of Belina 1235
pp_1114 Caca daughter of Deulegard of Winchester 1235
pp_876 Joya wife of Copin 1235
pp_1110 Cota wife of Duceman son of Ursell 1235
pp_699 Slema mother of Benedict 1235–1238
pp_831 Miriam daughter of Joseph of Oxford 1235–1256
pp_1122 Scluna of London 1236
pp_1115 Samaria of Winchester 1236
pp_875 Unnamed daughter of Henna 1236
pp_505 Contessa wife of Hamo of Hereford 1236
pp_506 Floria wife of Leo son of Hamo of Hereford 1236
pp_182 Henna daughter of Elias l'Eveske 1236–1277
pp_1123 Sarrabel' of Worcester daughter of Moses 1237
pp_1119 Joya wife of Abraham son of Duce 1237
pp_500 Rosa Chere 1237
pp_1121 Sarra daughter of Henna 1237
pp_769 Esther daughter of Joshua 1237–1249
pp_638 Floria wife of Vives 1240
pp_508 Floria Juvenal 1240
pp_549 Pucelle daughter of Aaron son of Abraham 1240–1256
pp_1189 Riche of Nottingham 1240–1259
pp_791 Belia wife of Leon 1241
pp_641 Bescota wife of Jacob son of Jacob 1241
pp_642 Pimenta wife of Jacob of Coutances 1241
pp_720 Slema daughter of Esther 1241
pp_775 Floria granddaughter of Vives 1241
pp_776 Avigaye daughter of Vives 1241
pp_722 Esther mother of Slema 1241
pp_778 Belia daughter of Elias 1241
pp_779 Sarra mother of Meir 1241
pp_639 Belia mother-in-law of Garsie 1241
pp_719 Sarra wife of Pictavin 1241
pp_414 Slema of London 1241–1247
pp_428 Ducelina of York daughter of Abraham 1241–1249
pp_636 Milkana mother of Copin of Canterbury 1241–1257
pp_103 Henna wife of Aaron of York 1241–1281
pp_551 Bona wife of Meir son of Zorah 1242
pp_729 Bona daughter of Isaac, wife of Isaac 1242
pp_922 Glorietta of Winchester mother of Samekin 1242–1245
pp_632 Muriel wife of David of Oxford 1242–1249
pp_730 Miriam daughter of Hayyim son of Peres 1242–1272
pp_879 Floria mother of Jacob 1242–1278
pp_671 Nikke 1243
pp_854 Floria of Bungay 1243–1257
pp_909 Belia of Hungerford mother-in-law of Vives 1244
pp_890 Genta mother of unnamed son 1244
pp_893 Chera mother of Deulesant 1244
pp_894 Samaria mother of Bonamy 1244
pp_884 Belia daughter of Meir 1244
pp_940 Giwa wife of Jacob of Canterbury 1244
pp_511 Genta wife of Meir son of David 1244
pp_885 Contessa daughter of Ursell 1244
pp_886 Floria wife of Deudone 1244
pp_897 Gentil mother of Ursell 1244
pp_887 Contessa daughter of Leo 1244
pp_910 Dame wife of Aaron Henne 1244
pp_888 Belia wife of Jacob son of Filia 1244
pp_668 Gentil the Widow 1244
pp_944 Rosa mother-in-law of Meir 1244
pp_889 Filia of Bristol mother of Jacob 1244
pp_918 Henna wife of Isaac son of Elias 1244–1245
pp_392 Slema daughter of Benedict l'Eveske son of Deulesault 1244–1245
pp_395 Bessa wife of Elias of Warwick 1244–1245
pp_396 Sigge daughter of Leo son of Deulebene 1244–1245
pp_896 Joya mother of Isaac 1244–1245
pp_921 Alemande wife of Benedict of Colchester 1244–1245
pp_459 Henna wife of Leo son of Deulebene 1244–1245
pp_914 Muriel sister of Leo son of Deulebene 1244–1245
pp_1174 Antera daughter of Leo son of Deulebene 1244–1245
pp_219 Genta mother of Deulecresse 1244–1253
pp_266 Bona wife of Diei of Wallingford 1244–1268
pp_31 Preciosa mother of Leo 1244–1281
pp_358 Murielda daughter of Amiot 1246
pp_667 Deulecressa daughter of Isaac of London 1246
pp_374 Rosa wife of Benedict Pinkeneye 1247
pp_861 Genta 1247
pp_867 Slema mother of Pictavin 1247
pp_857 Contessa daughter of Bonenfaunt 1247
pp_865 Motta wife of Bonefay of Wallingford 1248
pp_825 Genta wife of Joseph son of Meir 1248
pp_418 Doblecoc of Winchester 1248
pp_826 Belina sister of Meir son of Joseph 1248
pp_490 Belaset daughter of Abraham 1249
pp_420 Belia wife of Abraham of Norwich 1249
pp_813 Sionah daughter of Yom Tov son of Master Moses 1249
pp_835 Unnamed mother of Moses son of Berakhyah the Generous 1249
pp_648 Rosa wife of Berakhyah son of Meir 1249
pp_869 Unnamed wife of Manasser of Lincoln 1249
pp_771 Gentil wife of Eliab son of Jacob 1249–1254
pp_342 Avigaye wife of Cresse son of Genta 1249–1278
pp_483 Belia of Avon 1250
pp_430 Genta wife of Bonenfant of Gloucester 1250
pp_723 Esther daughter of Abraham son of Aaron 1250
pp_525 Margaret daughter of Benedict of East Coker 1250
pp_856 Bassena wife of Vives 1250
pp_379 Unnamed daughter of Moses Lumbard 1250–1251
pp_493 Culacon' wife of Moses of Oxford 1251
pp_495 Brunetta wife of Solomon Jospin 1251
pp_496 Glorietta sister of Brunetta 1251
pp_772 Sarra daughter of Eliab son of Jacob 1251
pp_431 Piota of Oxford 1251
pp_853 Henna daughter of Eliab 1251
pp_868 Unnamed wife of Bonenfant 1251
pp_160 Bona daughter of Josce 1251–1254
pp_162 Floria l'Eveske 1251–1254
pp_698 Floria lessee of Pictavin 1251–1254
pp_161 Floria of Canterbury mother of Jacob 1251–1262
pp_553 Amite wife of Abraham Batekoc (convert) 1252
pp_476 Antera wife of Jacob of Cambridge 1252
pp_487 Belia daughter of Jacob of Canterbury 1252
pp_433 Bonefilia of Bristol 1252
pp_1152 Henna wife of Aaron son of Abraham 1252
pp_927 Belia sister of unnamed brothers 1252–1253
pp_351 Pucelle wife of Elias son of Master Moses 1253
pp_773 Unnamed wife of Elias son of Isaac 1253
pp_932 Douce wife of Isaac Pickard 1253
pp_945 Sarra mother of Simon 1253
pp_926 Avigaye daughter of Deulesant 1253
pp_1010 Belia wife of Jacob son of Floria 1253
pp_589 Miriam wife of Samuel son of Abraham 1253–1257
pp_628 Yiskah wife of Jacob ben Eliab 1253–1266
pp_1087 Floria mother of Jacob Couperon of Gloucester 1253–1273
pp_86 Belia wife of Jacob Couperon of Gloucester 1253–1280
pp_58 Genta mother of Cresse 1253–1282
pp_819 Cecla wife of Matthew (convert) 1255
pp_809 Joieta of Kyngsby (convert) 1255
pp_1107 Esther daughter of Aaron son of Abraham 1255
pp_790 Edith of Gloucester (convert) 1255
pp_780 Alice of Lincoln (convert) 1255
pp_560 Matilda wife of John of Hereford (convert) 1255
pp_571 Sibilia (convert) 1255
pp_781 Susanna wife of John of Lincoln (convert) 1255
pp_792 Matilda wife of Robert Grosseteste (convert) 1255
pp_561 Mary of Lincoln (convert) 1255
pp_572 Juliana of Nottingham (convert) 1255
pp_782 Muriel mother of John (convert) 1255
pp_562 Cristiana of Gloucester (convert) 1255
pp_573 Matilda of Lincoln (convert) 1255
pp_783 Cecilia wife of William (convert) 1255
pp_563 Constancia (convert) 1255
pp_574 Alice wife of Geoffrey of Hereford (convert) 1255
pp_850 Juliana sister of William of London (convert) 1255
pp_784 Agnes daughter of William of Northampton (convert) 1255
pp_564 Joan daughter of Richard (convert) 1255
pp_840 Unnamed wife of Laurence (convert) 1255
pp_851 Elizabeth wife of Richard (convert) 1255
pp_653 Alice (convert) 1255
pp_785 Agnes the Convert (convert) 1255
pp_565 Muriel (convert) 1255
pp_610 Juliana wife of Roger (convert) 1255
pp_621 Dionisia wife of Otto (convert) 1255
pp_555 Margery (convert) 1255
pp_566 Hawisia wife of Henry (convert) 1255
pp_842 Hodierna related to John (convert) 1255
pp_611 Isabella (convert) 1255
pp_787 Sibilla de Chestenesham (convert) 1255
pp_556 Elena (convert) 1255
pp_821 Hodierna sister of John 1255
pp_843 Joan (convert) 1255
pp_612 Richolda wife of Richard of Dunton' (convert) 1255
pp_788 Joan of Oxford (convert) 1255
pp_557 Mabilla (convert) 1255
pp_602 Petronilla of York (convert) 1255
pp_844 Hodierna daughter of Emma (convert) 1255
pp_613 Cristiana of Winchester (convert) 1255
pp_789 Isabella of London (convert) 1255
pp_558 Hodierna daughter of William (convert) 1255
pp_569 Dionisia daughter of John Mansel (convert) 1255
pp_823 Dionisia mother of Juliana (convert) 1255
pp_603 Sabina wife of John of St. Albans (convert) 1255
pp_845 Emma wife of Richard (convert) 1255
pp_559 Matilla wife of William (convert) 1255
pp_824 Juliana daughter of Dionisia (convert) 1255
pp_604 Joan of London I (convert) 1255
pp_846 Hul sister of Thomas (convert) 1255
pp_605 Elaremunda (convert) 1255
pp_847 Cristiana mother of Henry (convert) 1255
pp_616 Muriel mother of Helewisa (convert) 1255
pp_606 Mabilla wife of John of Northampton (convert) 1255
pp_848 Juliana of Derby (convert) 1255
pp_617 Helewisa daughter of Muriel (convert) 1255
pp_607 Julia sister of William (convert) 1255
pp_849 Joan wife of Richard of Stanford (convert) 1255
pp_618 Isabella wife of Robert of Windour' (convert) 1255
pp_817 Marcha wife of Richard (convert) 1255
pp_828 Juliana wife of Thomas (convert) 1255
pp_807 Margeria (convert) 1255
pp_818 Matilda wife of Richard of St. Swithun's (convert) 1255
pp_829 Cristiana wife of William le Serjeant (convert) 1255
pp_249 Unnamed wife of Vives son of Ursell 1256
pp_657 Henna daughter of Joseph 1256
pp_804 Luna wife of Simon 1256
pp_805 Sarra daughter of Luna 1256
pp_1067 Antera wife of Isaac of Canterbury 1257
pp_1057 Antera wife of Copin son of Milkana 1257
pp_633 Judith daughter of Menahem 1257
pp_1153 Henna 1257
pp_634 Rachel daughter of Yedidyah son of Elazar 1257–1260
pp_1069 Ivette 1258
pp_450 Beleneya la Geynere 1258
pp_584 Bona daughter of Isaac, wife of Samuel 1258
pp_1060 Hermine wife of Aaron 1258
pp_1172 Henna wife of Diei of Rising I 1258
pp_1062 Chera wife of Aaron son of Nyron Chabard' 1258
pp_724 Englesiya daughter of Berakhyah son of Meir 1259
pp_660 Yeqarah daughter of Isaac of Warwick 1260
pp_763 Henna wife of Benedict Crespin 1260
pp_1071 Floria of London wife of Solomon l'Eveske 1260–1261
pp_768 Florence daughter of Abraham of York 1260–1269
pp_1150 Belaset daughter of Aaron of Marlborough 1260–1285
pp_513 Genta daughter of Josce French 1261
pp_725 Filia daughter of Meshullam 1261
pp_726 Belia daughter of Moses 1261
pp_1129 Avigaye mother of Slema wife of Jurnin 1262
pp_190 Antera the Jewess 1262
pp_360 Ivette wife of Moses son of David Lumbard 1262
pp_250 Antera daughter of Benedict 1262
pp_475 Amice daughter of Elias 1262
pp_189 Avigaye daughter of Cresse 1262
pp_543 Haka of Worcester 1262
pp_424 Floria wife of Pictavin 1262
pp_425 Floria mother of Malet' 1262
pp_1073 Belia wife of Isaac of Bedford 1262
pp_30 Miriam wife of Sampson 1262
pp_41 Ivette mother-in-law of Diaie 1262
pp_727 Chera wife of Abraham son of Joseph Crespin 1262–1264
pp_137 Antera wife of Abraham 1262–1276
pp_758 Unnamed wife of Gamaliel of London 1262–1277
pp_155 Floria daughter of Josce 1262–1278
pp_226 Slema wife of Jurnin of Canterbury 1262–1280
pp_243 Floria of Northampton wife of Elias 1262–1284
pp_192 Maruna daughter of Vives 1264
pp_552 Miriam daughter of Hayyim 1264
pp_744 Judith wife of Meir son of Sampson the White 1264
pp_728 Contessa daughter of Solomon 1264–1267
pp_194 Belia wife of Aaron 1264–1272
pp_595 Avigaye wife of Abraham/Deulecresse son of Solomon 1265
pp_1075 Contessa wife of Jacob l'Eveske 1265
pp_685 Contessa daughter of Mokka 1265–1275
pp_554 Colomba daughter of Yehoshayah ha-Levi 1265–1275
pp_786 Mokka mother of Contessa 1265–1275
pp_1105 Unnamed wife of Saulot of Kingston 1266
pp_282 Contessa wife of Ursell son of Sampson 1266
pp_268 Unnamed wife of Aaron of Sidingburn 1266
pp_269 Sarra wife of Isaac of Senlis 1266
pp_627 Almonda wife of Yehoshayah son of Elias Kokhav 1266
pp_1076 Floria of Northampton mother of Pictavin 1266
pp_550 Miriam daughter of Joseph 1266–1267
pp_629 Belaset daughter of Eliezer son of Solomon 1266–1274
pp_651 Contessa wife of Isaac of Bungay 1267
pp_288 Belaset wife of Benedict 1267
pp_516 Sarra wife of Deudone 1267
pp_285 Ivette wife of Isaac of Warwick 1267–1273
pp_301 Muriel wife of Saulot Motun 1267–1275
pp_341 Floria l'Eveske of Lincoln wife of Isaac Gabbay 1267–1277
pp_136 Antera of Cambridge mother of Abraham 1267–1278
pp_330 Slema wife of Isaac of Oxford 1267–1281
pp_446 Henna wife of Jacob of Oxford 1267–1281
pp_451 Avigaye wife of Isaac son of Deulecresse 1268
pp_596 Pasturella wife of Moses of Devizes 1268
pp_456 Avigaye wife of Deulesant Cok 1268
pp_359 Antera wife of Master Moses 1268
pp_514 Unnamed wife of Diei of Stanford 1268
pp_427 Muriel wife of Samuel Mutun 1268
pp_931 Contessa wife of Bonenfant of Exeter 1269–1270
pp_930 Clarita mother of Benedict 1270
pp_934 Floria wife of Sampson 1270
pp_935 Floria daughter of Diei 1270
pp_946 Sarra wife of Bonenfant of Bedford 1270
pp_947 Sarra wife of Benedict son of Josce 1270
pp_949 Unnamed wife of Bonevie 1270
pp_939 Glorietta mother of Abraham 1270
pp_5 Preciosa of Bristol 1270–1271
pp_655 Giwa wife of Leon de Senlis 1270–1272
pp_120 Muriel wife of Vives le Chauntur 1270–1273
pp_224 Rosa wife of Elias son of Master Aaron 1270–1273
pp_90 Giwa daughter of Benedict Bateman 1270–1275
pp_1173 Floria mother of Josce 1270–1275
pp_380 Saphira wife of Elias l'Eveske 1270–1276
pp_180 Belia mother of Moses 1270–1278
pp_684 Tersa wife of Lumbard Episcopus of Exeter 1270–1280
pp_290 Pupelia 1271
pp_631 Judith daughter of Belaset 1271
pp_630 Belaset daughter of Berakhyah son of Moses of Lincoln 1271–1274
pp_929 Bona wife of Vives Cok 1272
pp_696 Henna mother-in-law of Leo 1272
pp_950 Unnamed wife of Abraham son of Antera 1272
pp_941 Giwa mother of Garsya 1272
pp_545 Jurna wife of Hayyim 1272
pp_656 Contessa mother of Benedict of Oxford 1272
pp_202 Floria wife of Josce of Lincoln 1272–1273
pp_6 Floria of Newbury wife of Bonevie 1272–1273
pp_316 Slema daughter of Isaac 1272–1278
pp_261 Rosa wife of Samuel of Lohun 1272–1280
pp_924 Muriel wife of Sweteman son of Licoricia 1272–1280
pp_11 Sarra wife of Fauntekin 1272–1281
pp_99 Floria mother of Elias and Cresse 1273
pp_17 Muriel wife of Moses of Pavely 1273
pp_19 Rosa wife of Solomon son of Josce 1273
pp_140 Antera wife of Deudonne 1273
pp_252 Prude wife of Elias of Doncaster 1273
pp_242 Milla daughter of Benedict 1273
pp_133 Cygonaz wife of Abraham 1273
pp_199 Idonea mother of Meir of Oxford 1273
pp_211 Genta mother of Samuel 1273
pp_387 Unnamed daughter of Aaron Crespin 1273
pp_212 Belia wife of Samuel Gabbay 1273
pp_102 Bona wife Diei of Warwick 1273
pp_389 Unnamed daughter of Hagin 1273
pp_852 Pora wife of Abraham Carazin then Isaac son of Manser 1273
pp_104 Gertelote daughter of Meir and Genta 1273
pp_105 Solal wife of Bateman 1273
pp_138 Antera wife of Samuel 1273
pp_216 Slema wife of Bonevie of Bedford 1273
pp_106 Genta wife of Meir son of Sampson 1273
pp_117 Sarra daughter of Vives son of Master Moses 1273
pp_128 Margaret wife of Moses of Lincoln 1273
pp_207 Malecote of Lincoln 1273
pp_20 Belaset 1273
pp_126 Belaset wife of Hagin of Lincoln 1273–1274
pp_131 Joya wife of Josce son of Diei 1273–1275
pp_206 Belia wife of Manser of York 1273–1275
pp_222 Bona daughter of David 1273–1276
pp_749 Rosa wife of Benedict of Winchester 1273–1276
pp_159 Belia daughter of Lumbard of Cricklade 1273–1277
pp_185 Floria wife of Saunte then Bonamy of Kent 1273–1278
pp_1178 Mabel daughter of Sadekin (convert) 1273–1280
pp_381 Henna wife of Moses 1274
pp_297 Rosa wife of Meir son of Meir 1274
pp_256 Genta wife of Isaac of Buckingham 1274
pp_279 Ivette daughter of Ursell of Lincoln 1274
pp_236 Unnamed wife of Diei of Holm 1274
pp_258 Unnamed wife of Duce of Patripol 1274
pp_314 Chera wife of Samme 1274
pp_315 Antera the Widow 1274
pp_317 Giwa daughter of Margaret 1274
pp_318 Margaret mother of Giwa 1274
pp_382 Juliana (convert) 1274–1275
pp_237 Comitissa wife of Isaac le Polet 1274–1275
pp_304 Rosa wife of Moses of Canterbury 1274–1275
pp_298 Slema daughter of Isaac of Southwark 1274–1277
pp_313 Rosa wife of Abraham of Dorking 1274–1277
pp_710 Sarra of Warwick daughter of Isaac 1274–1277
pp_135 Antera wife of Vives of London 1274–1280
pp_51 Miriam mother of Abraham grandson of Joseph 1274–1281
pp_1155 Sarra mother of Iva 1275
pp_22 Margelote daughter of Aaron 1275
pp_44 Joieta daughter of Deudone Crespin 1275
pp_1156 Rosa of York mother of Hake 1275
pp_34 Rosa mother of Jacob 1275
pp_1124 Slema daughter of Benedict l'Eveske son of Josce 1275
pp_24 Floria daughter of Florekin 1275
pp_25 Rosa daughter of Duce of Patripol 1275
pp_1137 Iva wife of Elias 1275
pp_37 Sabelina the Widow 1275
pp_1149 Bonevita mother of Copin 1275
pp_39 Rosa daughter of Henna 1275
pp_280 Floria mother of Senior 1275
pp_391 Henna wife of Abraham son of Moses 1275
pp_292 Bona mother of Benedict 1275
pp_183 Cressa wife of Lombard 1275
pp_690 Chera mother of Moses 1275
pp_591 Esther daughter of Yehoshayah ha-Levi 1275
pp_361 Rosa daughter of Benedict 1275
pp_383 Belaset mother of Hagin 1275
pp_352 Floria wife of Elias son of Chera 1275
pp_683 Contessa wife of Josce son of Moses 1275
pp_331 Henna wife of Samuel of Carlenn 1275
pp_375 Hermine daughter of Deudone Crespin 1275
pp_662 Henna mother of Rosa 1275
pp_673 Antera wife of Samuel 1275
pp_333 Floria wife of Juda 1275
pp_344 Hermine mother of Pictavin and Moses 1275
pp_741 Ducema mother of Gannota 1275
pp_664 Belia mother of Sampson 1275
pp_686 Bona the Widow 1275
pp_654 Miriam daughter of Abraham son of Azriel the Martyr 1275
pp_665 Rebecca daughter of Sarra 1275
pp_687 Belaset daughter of Leo 1275
pp_666 Sarra mother of Rebecca 1275
pp_325 Antera wife of Leo of Bureford 1275
pp_688 Jewa wife of Josce son of Copin 1275
pp_1091 Henna wife of Abekyn 1275
pp_326 Henna wife of Diei of Rising II 1275
pp_348 Rosa wife of Milo 1275
pp_899 Unnamed wife of Samuel son of Isaac 1275
pp_218 Genta daughter of Jacob 1275
pp_900 Unnamed wife of Abraham 1275
pp_659 Ivette mother of Cresse 1275
pp_901 Unnamed wife of Judas of Acres 1275
pp_836 Antera daughter of Jacob 1275
pp_72 Rosella daughter of Leon 1275
pp_837 Belia daughter of Aaron 1275
pp_73 Gannota daughter of Ducema 1275
pp_84 Sarra daughter of Benedict Crespin 1275
pp_838 Douce daughter of Benedict 1275
pp_52 Sarra daughter of Aaron 1275
pp_74 Saffron daughter of Deulecresse 1275
pp_75 Boneta daughter of Manser 1275
pp_1154 Belia of Gloucester 1275
pp_10 Joya daughter of Michael of Bristol 1275
pp_32 Rosa wife of Isaac 1275
pp_76 Milla of Rotherham 1275
pp_28 Rosa daughter of Sarra 1275–1276
pp_650 Sarra mother of Rosa 1275–1276
pp_1106 Floria wife of Isaac son of Isaac of Provence 1275–1277
pp_390 Henna wife of Solomon of Marlborough 1275–1277
pp_170 Floria le Blund 1275–1277
pp_372 Rosa daughter of Deudone Crespin 1275–1277
pp_152 Rosa daughter of Isaac Gabbay 1275–1277
pp_163 Floria la Konse 1275–1277
pp_164 Mirabel 1275–1277
pp_700 Unnamed wife of Cok Hagin 1275–1277
pp_701 Unnamed wife of Josce son of Salle 1275–1277
pp_15 Formosa daughter of Deulecresse 1275–1278
pp_368 Ivette daughter of Bonefey 1275–1278
pp_278 Belia mother of Samuel 1275–1280
pp_812 Joya wife of Hake of Worcester 1275–1280
pp_40 Genta daughter of Manser 1275–1280
pp_494 Bessa wife of Abraham 1276
pp_751 Avigaye wife of Jacob Rose of Fossegate 1276
pp_410 Bona daughter of Ada 1276
pp_575 Bassa wife of Moses 1276
pp_411 Ada mother of Bona 1276
pp_499 Edith wife of John Thurmund (convert) 1276
pp_489 Genta wife of Isaac l'Eveske 1276
pp_413 Ivette wife of Josce l'Arbelaster 1276
pp_578 Francisca wife of Carol 1276
pp_755 Belaset daughter of Benedict son of Samuel of Canterbury 1276
pp_579 Bassena of Northampton mother of Elias 1276
pp_415 Floria wife of Louar' 1276
pp_747 Muriel mother of Aaron 1276
pp_417 Floria wife of Deulecresse of Winchester 1276
pp_409 Floria mother of Vives 1276
pp_1132 Floria the Jewess 1276
pp_153 Chera wife of Senior 1276–1277
pp_830 Floria of Kingston 1276–1277
pp_442 Genta wife of Isaac of Calne 1276–1280
pp_393 Reina wife of David son of Meir 1276–1281
pp_498 Floria wife of Moses of Kent 1276–1281
pp_904 Belaset of Cricklade 1276–1281
pp_808 Belia le Velye 1277
pp_1102 Sely wife of Josce 1277
pp_1157 Belecote mother of Salle the Jewess 1277
pp_171 Ivette of Oxford 1277
pp_150 Joya wife of Josce of Calais 1277
pp_172 Floria of Winchester 1277
pp_484 Milkana mother of Josce 1277
pp_176 Slema mother of Mendant 1277
pp_881 Mirabel wife of Josce son of Milkana 1277
pp_386 Salle daughter of Belecote 1277
pp_486 Pigone mother of Josce 1277
pp_156 Joya wife of Sweteman of Burford 1277
pp_762 Henna of Oxford 1277
pp_443 Joya wife of Cresse 1277
pp_179 Sarra daughter of Jacob 1277
pp_752 Unnamed wife of Elias le Mire 1277
pp_873 Matilda of Kent 1277
pp_147 Genta wife of Simon 1277
pp_158 Bona wife of Elias 1277
pp_742 Unnamed wife of Bondi 1277
pp_753 Brona 1277
pp_764 Polle of Cambridge 1277
pp_743 Unnamed wife of Samuel 1277
pp_765 Joya of Bahem 1277
pp_810 Genta mother-in-law of Abraham 1277
pp_711 Belia in the Tower 1277
pp_832 Avigaye wife of Isaac de Celar' 1277
pp_766 Molle Gori 1277
pp_833 Douce wife of Isaac son of Vives 1277
pp_756 Unnamed Tower prisoner in the Elephant House 1277
pp_834 Belia of Bretstrete mother of Vives 1277
pp_757 Unnamed daughter of Isaac 1277
pp_438 Chera mother of Samuel 1277
pp_736 Unnamed Tower prisoner 1277
pp_737 Milka Brodemusth 1277
pp_759 Unnamed wife of Isaac 1277
pp_539 Porma wife of Isaac of Honiton 1277
pp_815 Sabina 1277
pp_716 Unnamed wife of Jacob of Dunmow 1277
pp_738 Belaset in the Tower 1277
pp_903 Belaset wife of Jacob le Eveske 1277
pp_816 Belia wife of Sauvage 1277
pp_739 Unnamed wife of Benedict of Canterbury 1277
pp_707 Unnamed wife of Aaron of Rye 1277
pp_839 Slema of Stamford 1277
pp_905 Belaset wife of Elias son of Benedict 1277
pp_708 Sarra of Oxford 1277
pp_173 Chitonette 1277–1278
pp_482 Slema wife of Elias 1277–1278
pp_274 Rosa wife of Benedict l'Eveske 1277–1278
pp_175 Joya of Lewes 1277–1278
pp_166 Floria of Guildford 1277–1278
pp_167 Belaset wife of Aaron 1277–1278
pp_168 Sarra Coleman 1277–1278
pp_169 Genta Ovy 1277–1278
pp_732 Unnamed daughter 1 of Samuel Bedford 1277–1278
pp_733 Unnamed daughter 2 of Samuel Bedford 1277–1278
pp_799 Margaliz wife of Bynchecok Ballard 1277–1278
pp_734 Unnamed daughter 1 of Josce of Hereford 1277–1278
pp_735 Unnamed daughter 2 of Josce of Hereford 1277–1278
pp_714 Contessa Kat 1277–1278
pp_803 Avigaye wife of Ben l'Eskyrmisur 1277–1278
pp_704 Unnamed daughter of Joya of Lewes 1277–1278
pp_705 Unnamed wife of Cok son of Jacob 1277–1278
pp_706 Unnamed wife of Moses son of Jacob 1277–1278
pp_157 Belia wife of Jacob son of Aaron of Canterbury 1277–1280
pp_149 Henna wife of Abraham Hakeman le Prestre 1277–1280
pp_437 Florecote wife of Leo son of Meir 1277–1280
pp_540 Cota wife of Michael l'Eveske 1277–1281
pp_177 Formosa wife of Josce of Guildford 1277–1281
pp_488 Avigaye of Northampton II 1277–1286
pp_919 Contessa mother of Jacob 1278
pp_1139 Floria wife of Abraham of Kent 1278
pp_680 Hermine wife of Pictavin son of Ursell 1278
pp_681 Floria wife of Peter son of Sampson 1278
pp_980 Belaset daughter of Benedict 1278
pp_970 Rosa wife of Bonamy of Calne 1278
pp_981 Floria wife of Bonevie son of Vives 1278
pp_882 Contessa of Oxford 1278
pp_960 Belia daughter of Jacob l'Eveske 1278
pp_971 Floria mother of Mulcok' 1278
pp_795 Columba wife of Isaac 1278
pp_587 Henna of Lincoln 1278
pp_951 Genta wife of Sampsekyn le Hennere 1278
pp_577 Milla wife of Elias 1278
pp_952 Notekyn daughter of Bonevie 1278
pp_798 Antera wife of Cresse of Bedford 1278
pp_920 Avigaye 1278
pp_975 Muriel daughter of Josce 1278
pp_898 Belaset daughter of Josce 1278
pp_678 Belaset wife of Josce of Germany 1278
pp_965 Belia mother of Abraham 1278
pp_976 Slema 1278
pp_679 Floria wife of Benedict son of Josce 1278
pp_955 Reina daughter of Moses 1278
pp_966 Bate wife of Covele son of Ryka 1278
pp_977 Belia mother of Sauett 1278
pp_956 Belaset wife of Jacob son of Solomon 1278
pp_967 Ryka wife of Leo of Stamford 1278
pp_957 Antera wife of Sampson of Norwich 1278
pp_968 Milka wife of Leo le Mire 1278
pp_958 Joieta mother of Jacob 1278
pp_959 Henna wife of Benedict Levy 1278
pp_917 Floria wife of Isaac son of Deulegard' 1278
pp_461 Slema wife of Sampson son of Vives 1278–1279
pp_695 Henna daughter of Jospin 1278–1280
pp_974 Ivette of York daughter of Benedict 1278–1280
pp_445 Sarra wife of Benedict l'Eveske 1278–1300
pp_983 Pucelle wife of Bonevie of Newbury 1279
pp_444 Sarra wife of Lumbard of Windsor 1279
pp_985 Henna wife of Isaac son of Isaac 1279
pp_547 Muriel wife of Josce of Oxford 1279
pp_62 Belaset daughter of Isaac 1279
pp_1143 Contessa wife of Cresse of Harebergh 1279
pp_1001 Henna mother of Abraham 1280
pp_1002 Giwa daughter of Vives le Romaunzer 1280
pp_1003 Genta wife of Manser 1280
pp_1014 Antera daughter of Fauntekin of Bedford 1280
pp_1004 Avigaye wife of Jacob Crespin 1280
pp_1005 Joya mother of Sampson of Worcester 1280
pp_1016 Micka daughter of Antera 1280
pp_1017 Henna Capyun wife of Elias 1280
pp_1018 Genta Pickethen mother of Joya 1280
pp_1008 Floria Tapay (convert) 1280
pp_1019 Joya daughter of Genta Pickethen 1280
pp_1009 Belia mother of Didde 1280
pp_480 Jessica mother of Miriam 1280
pp_593 Sarra of Winchester 1280
pp_990 Sigonia daughter of Isaac of Warwick 1280
pp_473 Genta the Widow 1280
pp_793 Floria wife of Samuel of Arundel 1280
pp_452 Floria wife of Isaac of Berkhamsted 1280
pp_474 Miriam wife of Ursell l'Eveske 1280
pp_992 Milkana daughter of Aaron 1280
pp_994 Sarra daughter of Moses 1280
pp_995 Sarra of London 1280
pp_996 Sapola wife of Hagin of Bradestede 1280
pp_986 Margalicia wife of Samuel le Blund 1280
pp_987 Sarra wife of Diei son of Abraham 1280
pp_998 Floria daughter of Benedict 1280
pp_988 Henna wife of Jahu 1280
pp_999 Giwa daughter of Elias 1280
pp_989 Starr of Norwich 1280
pp_1161 Miriam the Widow 1280
pp_717 Belaset wife of Bonefey son of Breton 1280
pp_806 Dell' of Cambridge wife of Jacob 1280
pp_1021 Rosa daughter of Abraham le Jeofne 1280
pp_718 Marona wife of Isaac son of Abraham 1280
pp_1164 Blanche the Widow 1280
pp_1175 Agnes of Northampton (convert) 1280
pp_1011 Hermine mother of Isaac 1280
pp_1176 Joan daughter of Agnes (convert) 1280
pp_1006 Belaset wife of Solomon of Alcester (convert) 1280–1281
pp_1007 Hittecote sister of Belaset (convert) 1280–1281
pp_676 Mildegod of Oxford wife of Josce 1280–1281
pp_802 Sarra of Hereford 1280–1281
pp_1162 Margalicia daughter of Benedict l'Eveske 1280–1281
pp_1000 Chera wife of Moses of Warwick 1280–1281
pp_1033 Antera daughter of Aaron of York 1280–1281
pp_1023 Pucelle wife of Deulecresse of Basing' 1281
pp_1034 Drua wife of Isaac son of Bonamy of Oxford 1281
pp_1024 Belaset wife of Elias of Doncaster 1281
pp_1035 Unnamed third wife of Josce son of Syggh' 1281
pp_1025 Genta of Gloucester wife of Diei 1281
pp_1036 Douce wife of Solomon son of Solomon of Southampton 1281
pp_1047 Belaset of London II 1281
pp_1037 Floria of Shaftesbury 1281
pp_1027 Blissa wife of Saulot le Petit 1281
pp_1038 Belaset wife of Sampson son of Sampson of Northampton 1281
pp_1049 Daunzele wife of David of Shaftesbury 1281
pp_1028 Sarra the Widow 1281
pp_1039 Unnamed wife of Benedict of Lincoln 1281
pp_1029 Juetta wife of Deudone Crespin 1281
pp_455 Bona wife of Moses of Dog Street 1281
pp_1040 Douce sister of Cota 1281
pp_1030 Avigote daughter of Chera 1281
pp_1041 Henna daughter of Josce of Marlborough 1281
pp_1052 Floria wife of David of Northampton 1281
pp_1031 Chera mother of Avigota 1281
pp_1042 Belia daughter of Josce of Marlborough 1281
pp_1163 Judea daughter of Margalicia 1281
pp_1032 Floria wife of Isaac of Campden 1281
pp_1043 Molle mother of Vives 1281
pp_1054 Floria mother of Cresse 1281
pp_1044 Antera wife of Vives le Long 1281
pp_1165 Esther mother of Elias of Northampton 1281
pp_1179 Mirabilia wife of Aaron 1282
pp_1180 Bona wife of Fantin 1282
pp_1181 Floria wife of Cresse 1282
pp_1182 Floria wife of Hagin of Webbeleye 1287
pp_1183 Swetecota of London 1288
pp_1184 Eleanor of St Paul (convert) 1289
pp_1185 Floria of London wife of Miles 1289
pp_1166 Sana wife of Elias l'Eveske 1292
pp_1167 Pya wife of Benedict de Cauz 1292–1297
pp_1168 Avigaye daughter of Benedict of Winchester 1292–1297
pp_1186 Margalicia wife of Vives of Gloucester 1297
pp_1187 Floria la Vedue of Oxford 1297