The Women

This is a list of Jewish women who appear in the source records.
ID Name Dates mentioned in records
ante7 Antera of Coventry featured 1218–1220
mira4 Mirabel of Gloucester featured 1218–1250
comi2 Comitissa Turbe of Gloucester featured 1220
rach1 Rachel Lumbard of Nottingham featured 1221–1251
rich1 Riche of Nottingham featured 1221–1259
lico1 Licoricia of Winchester featured 1234–1283
beli20 Belia of Bedford featured 1236–1292
beli41 Belia of Northampton featured 1238
muri14 Muriel sister of Leo son of Deulebene featured 1244
sigg1 Sigge daughter of Leo son of Deulebene featured 1244–1245
bess2 Bessa wife of Elias of Warwick featured 1244–1245
ante20 Antera daughter of Leo son of Deulebene featured 1244–1245
henn23 Henna wife of Leo son of Deulebene featured 1244–1245
mild1 Mildegod of Oxford featured 1252–1292
sarr28 Sarra daughter of Luna featured 1256
luna1 Luna wife of Simon featured 1256
gyna1 Gyna Russell featured 1259–1276
trin1 Trina of Canterbury featured 1260
joye1 Joyetta of Marlborough (convert) featured 1268
bela12 Belaset daughter of Berakhyah son of Moses of Lincoln featured 1271–1274
pyaw1 Pya wife of Benedict de Cauz featured 1271–1297
avig6 Avigaye of Northampton featured 1272–1280
gert1 Gertelote wife of Sampson son of Meir featured 1273
gent12 Genta granddaughter of Genta featured 1273–1280
bela3 Belaset of London featured 1273–1281
juli1 Juliana (convert) featured 1274–1275
slem7 Slema daughter of Isaac of Southwark featured 1274–1277
bele3 Belecote of Winchester featured 1275–1281
milk4 Milkana of London (convert) featured 1275–1282
beli35 Belia wife of Vives le Romanzour featured 1277
marg4 Margarina of Oxford featured 1278
henn32 Henecota of Nottingham featured 1278
cher5 Chera of London featured 1278–1285
flor6 Floria Tapay (convert) featured 1280
bela5 Belaset wife of Solomon of Alcester (convert) featured 1280–1281
hitt1 Hittecote sister of Belaset (convert) featured 1280–1281
beli4 Belia mother of Moses
bela7 Belaset of Oxford 1154–1189
puce5 Pucelle mother of Benedict Grossus 1182
avig16 Avigaye of London 1183–1228
bona2 Bona of Winchester 1200
henn25 Henna wife of Leo son of Solomon 1200–1223
rosa13 Rosa daughter of Brito of Nottingham 1200–1234
ivet6 Ivette wife of Brito of Nottingham 1200–1234
puce4 Pucelle mother of Ursell 1200–1250
marg2 Margaret daughter of Jurnet 1201–1203
marg3 Margaret wife of Jacob son of Moses 1201–1203
miry1 Miryld wife of Jacob of Norwich 1201–1203
unna5 Unnamed wife of Milo 1208
leah1 Leah mother of Josce 1210–1220
miri5 Miriam daughter of Isaac 1214–1215
miri2 Miriam mother of Abraham, wife of Joseph 1214–1233
saph1 Saphira of Bristol 1215
beli17 Belia the Widow 1215–1256
pigo1 Pigone of Norwich 1218
este1 Esterota daughter of Isaac Red 1218
cher12 Chera of Winchester 1218–1279
unna4 Godenota sister of Sampson Furmentin 1219–1221
rein3 Reina wife of Benedict Parvus 1220
rosa23 Rosa wife of Meir of Bungay 1220
sarr13 Sarra wife of Deulecresse 1220
beli19 Belina 1220
comi1 Comitissa wife of Josce of Oxford 1220
unna6 Unnamed wife of Isaac 1220
unna26 Unnamed wife of Solomon Beverly 1220
gode1 Godenota wife of Furmentin of Lincoln 1220
miri10 Miriam wife of Manser 1220
beli22 Belina of Gloucester daughter of Mirabel 1220–1235
avig15 Avigaye of Canterbury 1220–1281
rosa33 Rosa daughter of Jacob of Colchester 1221
rosa34 Rosa the Widow of York 1221
sarr38 Sarra sister of Mulin’ 1221
sarr39 Sarra of Norwich 1221
sarr40 Sarra daughter of Isaac of Stamford 1221
sole1 Soleil the Widow of Winchester 1221
slem19 Slema of Worcester 1221
beli42 Belina daughter of Isaac 1221
bacc1 Bacceva wife of Benedict of Northampton 1221
beli43 Belia daughter of Isaac of Northampton 1221
cher13 Chera daughter of Brun 1221
cher14 Chera the Widow of Northampton 1221
ante27 Antera of Gloucester 1221
ante28 Antera the Widow of Canterbury 1221
ante29 Antera daughter of Chera of Winchester 1221
duce6 Duce the Widow of Gloucester 1221
gent31 Genta daughter of Isaac of Hereford 1221
jude2 Judea the Widow of Gloucester 1221
jude3 Judea daughter of Sampson 1221
flor74 Floria wife of Deudone of Northampton 1221
muri17 Muriel of Winchester 1221
milk9 Milka the Widow of Northampton 1221
milk10 Milka of Norwich 1221
milk11 Milka the Widow of Canterbury 1221
esth10 Esther daughter of Aaron 1221
hame1 Hamekin son of Chera of Winchester 1221
terc1 Tercia daughter of Deulecresse 1221–1225
gent28 Gentil wife of Jacob son of Vives of Lincoln 1221–1234
flor20 Floria daughter of Josce 1221–1278
mere1 Merema daughter of Jacob 1224
rosa19 Rosa of Lincoln, mother of Hake 1228–1278
rosa24 Rosa wife of Cocky 1230
beli28 Belia wife of Vives 1230
pinc1 Pinc’ of Winchester 1230
avig20 Avigaye/Agavia 1230
ivet4 Ivette mother-in-law of Manasser 1230
henn26 Henna wife of Isaac 1230
juet3 Juetta 1230–1240
milk1 Milkana daughter of Reuben 1230–1262
rosa28 Rosa of York mother of Mariot 1231
avig18 Avigaye of Northampton I 1231
marr1 Marra of Stamford 1232
esth5 Esther daughter of Chera of Winchester 1232
flor55 Floria Lithum of Milk Street 1232–1237
flor51 Floria daughter of Jacob l’Eveske 1232–1253
bela30 Belaset wife of Sampson Kokeman 1233
cris4 Cristiana of Oxford (convert) 1233
juet1 Juetta wife of Abraham son of Abraham 1233
flor73 Floria of Gloucester 1233
ivet13 Ivette the Widow of Gloucester 1233
marg14 Margeria the Chirographer of London 1233
bona22 Bona of Nottingham 1233–1247
sarr15 Sarra mother of Simon Cok 1234
cher1 Chera wife of Augustine the Convert 1234
joan1 Joan of London II (convert) 1234
leti1 Letia of Norwich (convert) 1234
isab1 Isabella of Bristol (convert) 1234
isab5 Isabella of Cambridge (convert) 1234
marg5 Margaret mother of Leo 1234
mari1 Mariota (convert) 1234
mati1 Matilda (convert) 1234
emma1 Emma of Ipswich (convert) 1234
mayd1 Maydin wife of Jacob Crespin 1234–1270
rosa25 Rosa Crespin of London 1234–1278
bona19 Bona the Widow II 1235
caca1 Caca daughter of Deulegard of Winchester 1235
cota2 Cota wife of Duceman son of Ursell 1235
puce1 Pucelle of Gloucester daughter of Belina 1235
joya11 Joya wife of Copin 1235
slem9 Slema mother of Benedict 1235–1238
miri8 Miriam daughter of Joseph of Oxford 1235–1256
sama1 Samaria of Winchester 1236
sclu1 Scluna of London 1236
cont13 Contessa wife of Hamo of Hereford 1236
unna20 Unnamed daughter of Henna 1236
flor47 Floria wife of Leo son of Hamo of Hereford 1236
henn6 Henna daughter of Elias l’Eveske 1236–1277
rosa17 Rosa Chere 1237
sarr30 Sarra daughter of Henna 1237
sarr3 Sarrabel’ of Worcester daughter of Moses 1237
joya3 Joya wife of Abraham son of Duce 1237
esth6 Esther daughter of Joshua 1237–1249
flor52 Floria Juvenal 1240
flor48 Floria wife of Vives 1240
puce7 Pucelle daughter of Aaron son of Abraham 1240–1256
sarr21 Sarra mother of Meir 1241
slem8 Slema daughter of Esther 1241
beli24 Belia daughter of Elias 1241
beli33 Belia mother-in-law of Garsie 1241
beli6 Belia wife of Leon 1241
besc1 Bescota wife of Jacob son of Jacob 1241
pime1 Pimenta wife of Jacob of Coutances 1241
avig12 Avigaye daughter of Vives 1241
flor28 Floria granddaughter of Vives 1241
esth3 Esther mother of Slema 1241
slem11 Slema of London 1241–1247
duce2 Ducelina of York daughter of Abraham 1241–1249
milk5 Milkana mother of Copin of Canterbury 1241–1257
sarr32 Sarra wife of Pictavin 1241–1267
henn14 Henna wife of Aaron of York 1241–1281
bona15 Bona daughter of Isaac, wife of Isaac 1242
bona5 Bona wife of Meir son of Zorah 1242
glor2 Glorietta of Winchester mother of Samekin 1242–1245
muri6 Muriel wife of David of Oxford 1242–1253
miri6 Miriam daughter of Hayyim son of Peres 1242–1272
flor44 Floria mother of Jacob 1242–1278
nikk1 Nikke 1243
flor33 Floria of Bungay 1243–1257
rosa22 Rosa mother-in-law of Meir 1244
sama2 Samaria mother of Bonamy 1244
beli14 Belia daughter of Meir 1244
beli2 Belia of Hungerford mother-in-law of Vives 1244
beli23 Belia wife of Jacob son of Filia 1244
cher4 Chera mother of Deulesant 1244
cont9 Contessa daughter of Leo 1244
cont7 Contessa daughter of Ursell 1244
dame1 Dame wife of Aaron Henne 1244
gent5 Genta mother of unnamed son 1244
gent17 Genta wife of Meir son of David 1244
gent19 Gentil mother of Ursell 1244
gent23 Gentil the Widow 1244
giwa2 Giwa wife of Jacob of Canterbury 1244
fili3 Filia of Bristol 1244
fili1 Filia of Bristol mother of Jacob 1244
flor31 Floria wife of Deudone 1244
slem2 Slema daughter of Benedict l’Eveske son of Deulesault 1244–1245
alem1 Alemande wife of Benedict of Colchester 1244–1245
joya9 Joya mother of Isaac 1244–1245
henn1 Henna wife of Isaac son of Elias 1244–1245
gent25 Genta mother of Deulecresse 1244–1253
bona8 Bona wife of Diei of Wallingford 1244–1268
prec2 Preciosa mother of Leo 1244–1281
deul1 Deulecressa daughter of Isaac of London 1246
muri7 Murielda daughter of Amiot 1246
rosa12 Rosa wife of Benedict Pinkeneye 1247
slem15 Slema mother of Pictavin 1247
cont12 Contessa daughter of Bonenfaunt 1247
gent11 Genta 1247
beli31 Belina sister of Meir son of Joseph 1248
dobl1 Doblecoc of Winchester 1248
gent26 Genta wife of Joseph son of Meir 1248
mott1 Motta wife of Bonefay of Wallingford 1248
rosa26 Rosa wife of Berakhyah son of Meir 1249
sion1 Sionah daughter of Yom Tov son of Master Moses 1249
bela6 Belaset daughter of Abraham 1249
beli8 Belia wife of Abraham of Norwich 1249
unna33 Unnamed mother of Moses son of Berakhyah the Generous 1249
unna39 Unnamed wife of Manasser of Lincoln 1249
unna55 Unnamed wife of Aaron of York 1249–1252
gent7 Gentil wife of Eliab son of Jacob 1249–1254
avig5 Avigaye wife of Cresse son of Genta 1249–1278
bass3 Bassena wife of Vives 1250
beli7 Belia of Avon 1250
puce8 Pucelle wife of Samuel le Eveske 1250
marg10 Margaret daughter of Benedict of East Coker 1250
esth4 Esther daughter of Abraham son of Aaron 1250
unna17 Unnamed daughter of Moses Lumbard 1250–1251
gent8 Genta wife of Bonenfant of Gloucester 1250–1255
sarr7 Sarra daughter of Eliab son of Jacob 1251
brun1 Brunetta wife of Solomon Jospin 1251
cula1 Culacon’/Ciclaton wife of Moses of Oxford 1251
unna35 Unnamed wife of Bonenfant 1251
piot1 Piota of Oxford 1251
glor1 Glorietta sister of Brunetta 1251
henn16 Henna daughter of Eliab 1251
bona3 Bona daughter of Josce 1251–1254
flor11 Floria l’Eveske 1251–1254
flor29 Floria lessee of Pictavin 1251–1254
flor9 Floria of Canterbury mother of Jacob 1251–1262
beli11 Belia daughter of Jacob of Canterbury 1252
bone2 Bonefilia of Bristol 1252
amit1 Amite wife of Abraham Batekoc (convert) 1252
ante9 Antera wife of Jacob of Cambridge 1252
beli37 Belia sister of unnamed brothers 1252–1253
beli12 Belia wife of Jacob son of Aaron of Canterbury 1252–1280
henn30 Henna wife of Aaron son of Abraham 1252–1280
sarr23 Sarra mother of Simon 1253
unna8 Unnamed wife of Elias son of Isaac 1253
puce3 Pucelle wife of Elias son of Master Moses 1253
avig22 Avigaye daughter of Deulesant 1253
douc2 Douce wife of Isaac Pickard 1253
miri9 Miriam wife of Samuel son of Abraham 1253–1257
yisk1 Yiskah wife of Jacob ben Eliab 1253–1266
flor59 Floria mother of Jacob Couperon of Gloucester 1253–1273
beli39 Belia wife of Jacob Couperon of Gloucester 1253–1280
gent3 Genta mother of Cresse 1253–1282
rich2 Richolda wife of Richard of Dunton’ (convert) 1255
rosa31 Rosa mother-in-law of Miles 1255
sabi1 Sabina wife of John of St. Albans (convert) 1255
sibi1 Sibilia (convert) 1255
sibi2 Sibilla de Chestenesham (convert) 1255
susa1 Susanna wife of John of Lincoln (convert) 1255
sibi3 Sibilla sister of Isabella (convert) 1255
susa2 Susanna (convert) 1255
ceci1 Cecilia wife of William (convert) 1255
cecl1 Cecla wife of Matthew (convert) 1255
cons1 Constancia (convert) 1255
cris3 Cristiana mother of Henry (convert) 1255
cris1 Cristiana of Gloucester I (convert) 1255
cris2 Cristiana of Winchester (convert) 1255
cris5 Cristiana wife of William le Serjeant (convert) 1255
cris6 Cristiana of Gloucester II (convert) 1255
unna10 Unnamed wife of Laurence (convert) 1255
petr1 Petronilla of York I (convert) 1255
petr2 Petronilla of York II (convert) 1255
agne1 Agnes daughter of William of Northampton (convert) 1255
agne2 Agnes the Convert (convert) 1255
alic3 Alice (convert) 1255
alic1 Alice of Lincoln (convert) 1255
alic2 Alice wife of Geoffrey of Hereford (convert) 1255
avig23 Avigaye 1255
ante25 Antera the Widow 1255
dion2 Dionisia daughter of John Mansel (convert) 1255
dion3 Dionisia mother of Juliana (convert) 1255
dion1 Dionisia wife of Otto (convert) 1255
joan3 Joan (convert) 1255
joan2 Joan daughter of Richard (convert) 1255
joan5 Joan of London I (convert) 1255
joan4 Joan of Oxford (convert) 1255
joan6 Joan wife of Richard of Stanford (convert) 1255
juli7 Julia sister of William (convert) 1255
juli5 Juliana daughter of Dionisia (convert) 1255
juli6 Juliana of Derby (convert) 1255
juli2 Juliana of Nottingham (convert) 1255
juli3 Juliana sister of William of London (convert) 1255
juli4 Juliana wife of Roger (convert) 1255
juli8 Juliana wife of Thomas (convert) 1255
josc39 Josca of Hyngeshey (convert) 1255
flor66 Floria la Juwe 1255
isab3 Isabella of London (convert) 1255
isab4 Isabella wife of Robert of Windour’ (convert) 1255
isab7 Isabella mother of Simon (convert) 1255
mabi1 Mabilla (convert) 1255
mabi2 Mabilla wife of John of Northampton (convert) 1255
mart1 Martha wife of Richard (convert) 1255
marg6 Margery (convert) 1255
mary1 Mary of Lincoln (convert) 1255
mati4 Matilda of Lincoln (convert) 1255
mati2 Matilda wife of John of Hereford (convert) 1255
mati7 Matilda wife of Richard of St. Swithun’s (convert) 1255
mati3 Matilda wife of Robert Grosseteste (convert) 1255
muri5 Muriel (convert) 1255
muri13 Muriel mother of Helewisa (convert) 1255
muri3 Muriel mother of John (convert) 1255
mild3 Mildegod mother-in-law of Benedict 1255
mati8 Matilda of Oxford (convert) 1255
edit1 Edith of Gloucester I (convert) 1255
elar1 Elaremunda (convert) 1255
elen1 Elena (convert) 1255
eliz1 Elizabeth wife of Richard (convert) 1255
emma2 Emma wife of Richard (convert) 1255
esth1 Esther daughter of Aaron son of Abraham 1255
esth8 Hester/Ester mother of Ellis 1255
esth9 Hester/Ester mother of Isaac 1255
edit3 Edith of Gloucester II (convert) 1255
hawi2 Hawisia daughter of Emma 1255
hawi1 Hawisia wife of Henry (convert) 1255
hele1 Helewisa daughter of Muriel (convert) 1255
hodi3 Hodierna daughter of Emma (convert) 1255
hodi4 Hodierna daughter of William (convert) 1255
hodi1 Hodierna related to John (convert) 1255
hodi2 Hodierna sister of John 1255
huls1 Hul sister of Thomas (convert) 1255
unna23 Unnamed wife of Vives son of Ursell 1255–1256
unna56 Unnamed wife of Cok of London son of Aaron 1256
henn22 Henna daughter of Joseph 1256
ante24 Antera wife of Copin 1257
ante2 Antera wife of Copin son of Milkana 1257
ante1 Antera wife of Isaac of Canterbury 1257
judi2 Judith daughter of Menahem 1257
milk8 Milkana mother of Copin 1257
henn31 Henna 1257
rach2 Rachel daughter of Yedidyah son of Elazar 1257–1260
bele2 Beleneya la Geynere 1258
bona6 Bona daughter of Isaac, wife of Samuel 1258
cher8 Chera wife of Aaron son of Nyron Chabard’ 1258
ivet1 Ivette 1258
henn27 Henna wife of Diei of Rising I 1258
herm4 Hermine wife of Aaron 1258
engl1 Englesiya daughter of Berakhyah son of Meir 1259
yeqa1 Yeqarah daughter of Isaac of Warwick 1260
henn13 Henna wife of Benedict Crespin 1260
flor40 Floria of London wife of Solomon l’Eveske 1260–1261
flor41 Florence daughter of Abraham of York 1260–1269
bela19 Belaset daughter of Aaron of Marlborough 1260–1285
beli29 Belia daughter of Moses 1261
gent21 Genta daughter of Josce French 1261
fili2 Filia daughter of Meshullam 1261
beli30 Belia wife of Isaac of Bedford 1262
amic1 Amice daughter of Elias 1262
ante5 Antera daughter of Benedict 1262
ante4 Antera the Jewess 1262
avig8 Avigaye daughter of Cresse 1262
avig3 Avigaye mother of Slema wife of Jurnin 1262
flor34 Floria mother of Malet’ 1262
flor32 Floria wife of Pictavin 1262
ivet12 Ivette mother-in-law of Diaie 1262
ivet3 Ivette wife of Moses son of David Lumbard 1262
miri13 Miriam wife of Sampson 1262
haka1 Haka of Worcester 1262
cher9 Chera wife of Abraham son of Joseph Crespin 1262–1264
flor67 Floria wife of Sampson of Northampton 1262–1265
sarr25 Sarra wife of Bonenfant of Bedford 1262–1270
ante12 Antera wife of Abraham 1262–1276
slem10 Slema wife of Jurnin of Canterbury 1262–1280
flor19 Floria of Northampton wife of Elias 1262–1293
judi3 Judith wife of Meir son of Sampson the White 1264
maru1 Maruna daughter of Vives 1264
miri4 Miriam daughter of Hayyim 1264
cont14 Contessa daughter of Solomon 1264–1267
beli5 Belia wife of Aaron 1264–1272
cont15 Contessa wife of Jacob l’Eveske 1265
avig7 Avigaye wife of Abraham/Deulecresse son of Solomon 1265
colo1 Colomba daughter of Yehoshayah ha-Levi 1265–1275
cont6 Contessa daughter of Mokka 1265–1275
mokk1 Mokka mother of Contessa 1265–1275
sarr16 Sarra wife of Isaac of Senlis 1266
cont2 Contessa wife of Ursell son of Sampson 1266
unna12 Unnamed wife of Aaron of Sidingburn 1266
unna2 Unnamed wife of Saulot of Kingston 1266
almo1 Almonda wife of Yehoshayah son of Elias Kokhav 1266
flor58 Floria of Northampton mother of Pictavin 1266
miri1 Miriam daughter of Joseph 1266–1267
viva1 Vivard husband of Muriel 1266–1268
muri15 Muriel wife of Vivard 1266–1268
bela24 Belaset daughter of Eliezer son of Solomon 1266–1274
ante18 Antera daughter of Jacob 1266–1275
sarr24 Sarra wife of Deudone 1267
bela11 Belaset wife of Benedict 1267
cont5 Contessa wife of Isaac of Bungay 1267
flor15 Floria wife of Isaac l’Eveske 1267–1268
ivet5 Ivette wife of Isaac of Warwick 1267–1273
muri4 Muriel wife of Saulot Motun 1267–1275
ante11 Antera of Cambridge mother of Abraham 1267–1278
slem5 Slema wife of Isaac of Oxford 1267–1281
henn18 Henna wife of Jacob of Oxford 1267–1281
unna27 Unnamed wife of Diei of Stanford 1268
past1 Pasturella wife of Moses of Devizes 1268
ante17 Antera wife of Master Moses 1268
avig11 Avigaye wife of Deulesant Cok 1268
avig4 Avigaye wife of Isaac son of Deulecresse 1268
muri10 Muriel wife of Samuel Mutun 1268
rosa7 Rosa wife of Samuel of Lohun 1268–1280
colu2 Columba daughter of Isaac of Norwich and Columba 1268–1281
cont8 Contessa wife of Bonenfant of Exeter 1269–1270
clar1 Clarita mother of Benedict 1270
unna46 Unnamed wife of Bonevie 1270
glor3 Glorietta mother of Abraham 1270
flor46 Floria daughter of Diei 1270
flor42 Floria wife of Sampson 1270
prec1 Preciosa of Bristol 1270–1271
giwa4 Giwa wife of Leon de Senlis 1270–1272
rosa16 Rosa wife of Elias son of Master Aaron 1270–1273
muri2 Muriel wife of Vives le Chauntur 1270–1273
giwa5 Giwa daughter of Benedict Bateman 1270–1275
saph2 Saphira wife of Elias l’Eveske 1270–1276
ters1 Tersa wife of Lumbard Episcopus of Exeter 1270–1280
sarr26 Sarra wife of Benedict son of Josce 1270–1292
pupe1 Pupelia 1271
gent29 Genta of London 1271
judi1 Judith daughter of Belaset 1271
flor69 Floria le Blund 1271
marg7 Margalicia wife of Samuel le Blund 1271–1280
bona1 Bona wife of Vives Cok 1272
cont10 Contessa mother of Benedict of Oxford 1272
unna9 Unnamed wife of Abraham son of Antera 1272
giwa3 Giwa mother of Garsya 1272
jurn1 Jurna wife of Hayyim 1272
maud1 Maud wife of Nicholas the Goldsmith 1272
henn12 Henna mother-in-law of Leo 1272
flor30 Floria of Newbury wife of Bonevie 1272–1273
flor26 Floria wife of Josce of Lincoln 1272–1273
slem14 Slema daughter of Isaac 1272–1278
muri12 Muriel wife of Sweteman son of Licoricia 1272–1280
sarr2 Sarra wife of Fauntekin 1272–1281
rosa6 Rosa wife of Solomon son of Josce 1273
sarr19 Sarra daughter of Vives son of Master Moses 1273
slem12 Slema wife of Bonevie of Bedford 1273
sola1 Solal wife of Bateman 1273
bela26 Belaset 1273
beli10 Belia wife of Samuel Gabbay 1273
bona10 Bona wife Diei of Warwick 1273
cygo1 Cygonaz wife of Abraham 1273
unna7 Unnamed daughter of Aaron Crespin 1273
unna13 Unnamed daughter of Hagin 1273
pora1 Pora wife of Abraham Carazin then Isaac son of Manser 1273
prud1 Prude wife of Elias of Doncaster 1273
ante6 Antera wife of Deudonne 1273
ante15 Antera wife of Samuel 1273
gent10 Genta mother of Samuel 1273
gent22 Genta wife of Meir son of Sampson 1273
flor1 Floria mother of Elias and Cresse 1273
idon1 Idonea mother of Meir of Oxford 1273
male1 Malecote of Lincoln 1273
marg9 Margaret wife of Moses of Lincoln 1273
mill1 Milla daughter of Benedict 1273
muri1 Muriel wife of Moses of Pavely 1273
bela14 Belaset wife of Hagin of Lincoln 1273–1274
mabe1 Mabel daughter of Sadekin (convert) 1273–1274
beli25 Belia wife of Manser of York 1273–1275
joya5 Joya wife of Josce son of Diei 1273–1275
rosa27 Rosa wife of Benedict of Winchester 1273–1276
bona7 Bona daughter of David 1273–1276
beli16 Belia daughter of Lumbard of Cricklade 1273–1277
flor13 Floria wife of Saunte then Bonamy of Kent 1273–1278
rosa14 Rosa wife of Meir son of Meir 1274
rosa32 Rosa the Convert (convert) 1274
cher6 Chera wife of Samme 1274
unna15 Unnamed wife of Diei of Holm 1274
unna16 Unnamed wife of Duce of Patripol 1274
ante16 Antera the Widow 1274
gent13 Genta wife of Isaac of Buckingham 1274
giwa7 Giwa daughter of Margaret 1274
ivet7 Ivette daughter of Ursell of Lincoln 1274
marg11 Margaret mother of Giwa 1274
henn7 Henna wife of Moses 1274
rosa20 Rosa wife of Moses of Canterbury 1274–1275
comi3 Comitissa wife of Isaac le Polet 1274–1275
rosa18 Rosa wife of Abraham of Dorking 1274–1277
sarr17 Sarra of Warwick daughter of Isaac 1274–1277
beli27 Belia mother of Sauett 1274–1278
miri12 Miriam mother of Abraham grandson of Joseph 1274–1281
ante10 Antera wife of Vives of London 1274–1292
flor68 Floria of Lincoln wife of Isaac Gabbay 1274–1292
rebe1 Rebecca daughter of Sarra 1275
rosa8 Rosa daughter of Benedict 1275
rosa3 Rosa daughter of Duce of Patripol 1275
rosa5 Rosa daughter of Henna 1275
rosa2 Rosa mother of Jacob 1275
rosa1 Rosa of York mother of Hake 1275
rosa30 Rosa wife of Isaac 1275
rosa21 Rosa wife of Milo 1275
rose1 Rosella daughter of Leon 1275
sabe1 Sabelina the Widow 1275
saff1 Saffron daughter of Deulecresse 1275
sarr29 Sarra daughter of Aaron 1275
sarr27 Sarra daughter of Benedict Crespin 1275
sarr1 Sarra mother of Iva 1275
sarr18 Sarra mother of Rebecca 1275
slem1 Slema daughter of Benedict l’Eveske son of Josce 1275
bela13 Belaset daughter of Leo 1275
bela8 Belaset mother of Hagin 1275
beli32 Belia daughter of Aaron 1275
beli15 Belia mother of Sampson 1275
bona4 Bona mother of Benedict 1275
bona11 Bona the Widow I 1275
bone3 Boneta daughter of Manser 1275
bone1 Bonevita mother of Copin 1275
cher2 Chera mother of Moses 1275
cont3 Contessa wife of Josce son of Moses 1275
cres1 Cressa wife of Lombard 1275
unna32 Unnamed wife of Abraham 1275
unna37 Unnamed wife of Judas of Acres 1275
unna29 Unnamed wife of Samuel son of Isaac 1275
ante14 Antera wife of Leo of Bureford 1275
ante8 Antera wife of Samuel 1275
douc5 Douce daughter of Benedict 1275
duce1 Ducema mother of Gannota 1275
gann1 Gannota daughter of Ducema 1275
gent24 Genta daughter of Jacob 1275
jewa1 Jewa wife of Josce son of Copin 1275
joie1 Joieta daughter of Deudone Crespin 1275
joya13 Joya daughter of Michael of Bristol 1275
flor65 Florekin mother of Floria 1275
flor2 Floria daughter of Florekin 1275
flor7 Floria mother of Senior 1275
flor16 Floria wife of Elias son of Chera 1275
flor24 Floria wife of Juda 1275
ivaw1 Iva wife of Elias 1275
ivet11 Ivette mother of Cresse 1275
marg1 Margelote daughter of Aaron 1275
mill3 Milla of Rotherham 1275
miri7 Miriam daughter of Abraham son of Azriel the Martyr 1275
esth2 Esther daughter of Yehoshayah ha-Levi 1275
henn9 Henna mother of Rosa 1275
henn20 Henna wife of Abekyn 1275
henn5 Henna wife of Abraham son of Moses 1275
henn21 Henna wife of Diei of Rising II 1275
henn8 Henna wife of Samuel of Carlenn 1275
herm2 Hermine daughter of Deudone Crespin 1275
herm3 Hermine mother of Pictavin and Moses 1275
rosa4 Rosa daughter of Sarra 1275–1276
sarr6 Sarra mother of Rosa 1275–1276
rosa9 Rosa daughter of Deudone Crespin 1275–1277
rosa10 Rosa daughter of Isaac Gabbay 1275–1277
unna21 Unnamed wife of Cok Hagin 1275–1277
unna24 Unnamed wife of Josce son of Salle 1275–1277
flor12 Floria la Konse 1275–1277
flor8 Floria le Blund 1275–1277
flor4 Floria wife of Isaac son of Isaac of Provence 1275–1277
mira2 Mirabel 1275–1277
henn4 Henna wife of Solomon of Marlborough 1275–1277
form1 Formosa daughter of Deulecresse 1275–1278
ivet8 Ivette daughter of Bonefey 1275–1278
beli13 Belia mother of Samuel 1275–1280
gent27 Genta daughter of Manser 1275–1280
joya12 Joya wife of Hake of Worcester 1275–1280
beli40 Belia of Gloucester 1275–1289
bass1 Bassa wife of Moses 1276
bela15 Belaset daughter of Benedict son of Samuel of Canterbury 1276
bess1 Bessa wife of Abraham 1276
bona9 Bona daughter of Ada 1276
adam1 Ada mother of Bona 1276
avig9 Avigaye wife of Jacob Rose of Fossegate 1276
gent18 Genta wife of Isaac l’Eveske 1276
flor54 Floria mother of Vives 1276
flor61 Floria the Jewess 1276
flor45 Floria wife of Deulecresse of Winchester 1276
flor36 Floria wife of Louar’ 1276
fran1 Francisca wife of Carol 1276
ivet10 Ivette wife of Josce l’Arbelaster 1276
muri11 Muriel mother of Aaron 1276
mire1 Mireylda of York 1276
edit2 Edith wife of John Thurmund (convert) 1276
cher3 Chera wife of Senior 1276–1277
flor27 Floria of Kingston 1276–1277
gent9 Genta wife of Isaac of Calne 1276–1280
bass2 Bassena of Northampton mother of Elias 1276–1281
bela25 Belaset of Cricklade 1276–1281
flor25 Floria wife of Moses of Kent 1276–1281
rein1 Reina wife of David son of Meir 1276–1292
sabi2 Sabina 1277
sall1 Salle daughter of Belecote 1277
sarr9 Sarra daughter of Jacob 1277
sarr31 Sarra of Oxford 1277
sely1 Sely wife of Josce 1277
slem6 Slema mother of Mendant 1277
slem16 Slema of Stamford 1277
bela20 Belaset in the Tower 1277
bela27 Belaset wife of Elias son of Benedict 1277
bela22 Belaset wife of Jacob le Eveske 1277
bele1 Belecote mother of Salle the Jewess 1277
beli18 Belia in the Tower 1277
beli1 Belia le Velye 1277
beli26 Belia of Bretstrete mother of Vives 1277
beli34 Belia wife of Sauvage 1277
bona13 Bona wife of Elias 1277
bron1 Brona 1277
cher7 Chera mother of Samuel 1277
unna34 Unnamed Tower prisoner 1277
unna28 Unnamed Tower prisoner in the Elephant House 1277
unna22 Unnamed daughter 2 of Samuel Bedford 1277
unna31 Unnamed daughter of Isaac 1277
unna45 Unnamed wife of Aaron of Rye 1277
unna44 Unnamed wife of Benedict of Canterbury 1277
unna14 Unnamed wife of Bondi 1277
unna11 Unnamed wife of Elias le Mire 1277
unna36 Unnamed wife of Gamaliel of London 1277
unna40 Unnamed wife of Isaac 1277
unna42 Unnamed wife of Jacob of Dunmow 1277
unna19 Unnamed wife of Samuel 1277
unna57 Unnamed wife of Isaac of Bordeaux 1277
unna58 Unnamed wife of Bonianus of Bordeaux 1277
unna59 unnamed wife of Elias of Bordeaux 1277
pigo2 Pigone mother of Josce 1277
poll1 Polle of Cambridge 1277
porm1 Porma wife of Isaac of Honiton 1277
avig14 Avigaye wife of Isaac de Celar’ 1277
douc3 Douce wife of Isaac son of Vives 1277
gent20 Genta mother-in-law of Abraham 1277
gent14 Genta wife of Simon 1277
joya10 Joya of Bahem 1277
joya8 Joya wife of Cresse 1277
joya4 Joya wife of Josce of Calais 1277
joya7 Joya wife of Sweteman of Burford 1277
flor10 Floria of Winchester 1277
ivet2 Ivette of Oxford 1277
mati5 Matilda of Kent 1277
milk7 Milka Brodemusth 1277
milk2 Milkana mother of Josce 1277
mira3 Mirabel wife of Josce son of Milkana 1277
moll1 Molle Gori 1277
henn11 Henna of Oxford 1277
rosa11 Rosa wife of Benedict l’Eveske 1277–1278
sarr8 Sarra Coleman 1277–1278
slem3 Slema wife of Elias 1277–1278
bela10 Belaset wife of Aaron 1277–1278
chit1 Chitonette 1277–1278
cont11 Contessa Kat 1277–1278
unna25 Unnamed daughter 1 of Josce of Hereford 1277–1278
unna18 Unnamed daughter 1 of Samuel Bedford 1277–1278
unna30 Unnamed daughter 2 of Josce of Hereford 1277–1278
unna38 Unnamed daughter of Joya of Lewes 1277–1278
unna41 Unnamed wife of Cok son of Jacob 1277–1278
avig19 Avigaye wife of Ben l’Eskyrmisur 1277–1278
gent15 Genta Ovy 1277–1278
joya6 Joya of Lewes 1277–1278
flor21 Floria of Guildford 1277–1278
marg8 Margaliz wife of Bynchecok Ballard 1277–1278
flor37 Florecote wife of Leo son of Meir 1277–1280
henn19 Henna wife of Abraham Hakeman le Prestre 1277–1280
cota1 Cota wife of Michael l’Eveske 1277–1281
form2 Formosa wife of Josce of Guildford 1277–1281
avig10 Avigaye of Northampton II 1277–1286
unna43 Unnamed wife of Moses son of Jacob 1277–1290
rein2 Reina daughter of Moses 1278
rosa15 Rosa wife of Bonamy of Calne 1278
ryka1 Ryka wife of Leo of Stamford 1278
slem13 Slema 1278
bate1 Bate wife of Covele son of Ryka 1278
bela9 Belaset daughter of Benedict 1278
bela16 Belaset daughter of Josce 1278
bela18 Belaset wife of Jacob son of Solomon 1278
bela17 Belaset wife of Josce of Germany 1278
beli9 Belia daughter of Jacob l’Eveske 1278
beli21 Belia mother of Abraham 1278
colu1 Columba wife of Isaac 1278
cont1 Contessa mother of Jacob 1278
cont4 Contessa of Oxford 1278
ante13 Antera wife of Cresse of Bedford 1278
ante19 Antera wife of Sampson of Norwich 1278
avig13 Avigaye 1278
gent16 Genta wife of Sampsekyn le Hennere 1278
joie3 Joieta mother of Jacob 1278
juli9 Juliana (convert) 1278
note1 Notekyn daughter of Bonevie 1278
flor23 Floria mother of Mulcok’ 1278
flor5 Floria wife of Abraham of Kent 1278
flor38 Floria wife of Benedict son of Josce 1278
flor22 Floria wife of Bonevie son of Vives 1278
flor60 Floria wife of Isaac son of Deulegard’ 1278
flor14 Floria wife of Peter son of Sampson 1278
flor70 Florkota of Lincoln 1278
milk6 Milka wife of Leo le Mire 1278
mill2 Milla wife of Elias 1278
muri8 Muriel daughter of Josce 1278
mark1 Markota of Lincoln 1278
henn15 Henna of Lincoln 1278
henn29 Henna wife of Benedict Levy 1278
herm1 Hermine wife of Pictavin son of Ursell 1278
slem4 Slema wife of Sampson son of Vives 1278–1279
ivet9 Ivette of York daughter of Benedict 1278–1280
henn10 Henna daughter of Jospin 1278–1280
sarr14 Sarra wife of Benedict l’Eveske 1278–1300
sarr11 Sarra wife of Lumbard of Windsor 1279
bela21 Belaset daughter of Isaac 1279
cont16 Contessa wife of Cresse of Harebergh 1279
puce6 Pucelle wife of Bonevie of Newbury 1279
muri9 Muriel wife of Josce of Oxford 1279
henn17 Henna wife of Isaac son of Isaac 1279
rosa29 Rosa daughter of Abraham le Jeofne 1280
sapo1 Sapola wife of Hagin of Bradestede 1280
sarr10 Sarra daughter of Moses 1280
sarr5 Sarra of Winchester 1280
sigo1 Sigonia daughter of Isaac of Warwick 1280
star1 Starr of Norwich 1280
slem17 Slema wife of Pictavin le Fort 1280
beli3 Belia mother of Didde 1280
blan1 Blanche the Widow 1280
agne3 Agnes of Northampton (convert) 1280
ante23 Antera daughter of Fauntekin 1280
ante3 Antera daughter of Fauntekin of Bedford 1280
avig2 Avigaye wife of Jacob Crespin 1280
dell1 Dell’ of Cambridge wife of Jacob 1280
gent4 Genta Pickethen mother of Joya 1280
gent6 Genta the Widow 1280
gent1 Genta wife of Manser 1280
giwa6 Giwa daughter of Elias 1280
giwa1 Giwa daughter of Vives le Romaunzer 1280
gent30 Genta la Veve 1280
jess1 Jessica mother of Miriam 1280
joya2 Joya daughter of Genta Pickethen 1280
joya1 Joya mother of Sampson of Worcester 1280
flor35 Floria daughter of Benedict 1280
flor18 Floria wife of Isaac of Berkhamsted 1280
flor17 Floria wife of Samuel of Arundel 1280
maro1 Marona wife of Isaac son of Abraham 1280
mick1 Micka daughter of Antera 1280
milk3 Milkana daughter of Aaron 1280
miri11 Miriam the Widow 1280
miri3 Miriam wife of Ursell l’Eveske 1280
henn3 Henna Capyun wife of Elias 1280
henn2 Henna mother of Abraham 1280
henn24 Henna wife of Jahu 1280
herm5 Hermine mother of Isaac 1280
sarr22 Sarra of Hereford 1280–1281
cher11 Chera wife of Moses of Warwick 1280–1281
ante21 Antera daughter of Aaron of York 1280–1281
marg12 Margalicia daughter of Benedict l’Eveske 1280–1281
mild2 Mildegod of Oxford wife of Josce 1280–1281
sarr12 Sarra of London 1280–1292
sarr20 Sarra wife of Diei son of Abraham 1280–1292
bela23 Belaset wife of Bonefey son of Breton 1280–1292
sarr4 Sarra the Widow 1281
sarr33 Sarra de Londʼ of Northampton 1281
bela2 Belaset of London II 1281
bela1 Belaset wife of Elias of Doncaster 1281
bela4 Belaset wife of Sampson son of Sampson of Northampton 1281
beli36 Belia daughter of Josce of Marlborough 1281
blis1 Blissa wife of Saulot le Petit 1281
bona12 Bona wife of Moses of Dog Street 1281
bona20 Bona daughter of Elias 1281
cher10 Chera mother of Avigota 1281
unna1 Unnamed third wife of Josce son of Syggh’ 1281
unna3 Unnamed wife of Benedict of Lincoln 1281
puce2 Pucelle wife of Deulecresse of Basing’ 1281
ante22 Antera wife of Vives le Long 1281
avig21 Avigote daughter of Chera 1281
daun1 Daunzele wife of David of Shaftesbury 1281
douc4 Douce sister of Cota 1281
douc1 Douce wife of Solomon son of Solomon of Southampton 1281
drua1 Drua wife of Isaac son of Bonamy of Oxford 1281
jude1 Judea daughter of Margalicia 1281
juet2 Juetta wife of Deudone Crespin 1281
flor57 Floria mother of Cresse 1281
flor3 Floria of Shaftesbury 1281
flor49 Floria wife of David of Northampton 1281
flor56 Floria wife of Isaac of Campden 1281
moll2 Molle mother of Vives 1281
esth7 Esther mother of Elias of Northampton 1281
henn28 Henna daughter of Josce of Marlborough 1281
zipp1 Zipporah wife of Isaac of Southwark 1281–1292
gent2 Genta of Gloucester wife of Diei 1281–1292
bona14 Bona wife of Fantin 1282
flor39 Floria wife of Cresse 1282
mira1 Mirabilia wife of Aaron 1282
bela28 Belaset of Lincoln 1285
henn34 Henna wife of Hake/Isaac Atte Perin of Winchester 1285–1286
blak1 Blakka wife of Isaac son of Aaron 1286
sarr34 Sarra de Windesorʼ 1287
flor43 Floria wife of Hagin of Webbeleye 1287
henn33 Henna of Rising 1287
swet1 Swetecota of London 1288
flor53 Floria of London wife of Miles 1289
elea1 Eleanor of St Paul (convert) 1289
unna60 Unnamed wife of Bonamy of York 1290
unna66 Unnamed Jewess of London I 1290
unna67 Unnamed Jewess of London II 1290
roes1 Roesia wife of Duceman 1290–1292
slem18 Slema of London 1290–1292
sarr35 Sarra la Petite of Canterbury 1290–1292
sarr36 Sarra of Oxford 1290–1292
sarr37 Sarra la Belle of Canterbury 1290–1292
bele4 Belette daughter of Floria 1290–1292
bela29 Belaset of Wallingford 1290–1292
cont17 Contessa of Hereford 1290–1292
pigg1 Pigga daughter of Dulcia of Colchester 1290–1292
avig1 Avigaye daughter of Benedict of Winchester 1290–1292
dulc1 Dulcia of Colchester 1290–1292
joya14 Joya wife of Vives of Winchester 1290–1292
flor71 Floria of London 1290–1292
flor72 Floria mother of Belette 1290–1292
muri16 Muriel daughter of Cresse son of Genta 1290–1292
flor62 Floria la Vedue of Oxford 1290–1297
marg13 Margalicia wife of Vives of Gloucester 1290–1297
henn35 Henna wife of Simon 1292
henn36 Henna wife of Saune 1292
ante26 Antera Hagge 1300