Male Relatives

This is a list of male relatives who appear in source records about Jewish women. Male relatives are usually noted only when mentioned in a record that also mentions a woman.
ID Name Dates mentioned in records
bene6 Benedict Grossus son of Pucella 1182
abra11 Abraham son of Avigaye of London 1183–1218
leos1 Leo son of Solomon 1200–1223
brit1 Brito of Nottingham father of Rosa 1200–1234
urse2 Ursell son of Pucelle 1200–1250
jaco10 Jacob of Norwich 1201–1203
jaco20 Jacob son of Moses 1201–1203
bene8 Benedict brother of Unnamed of York 1208
milo1 Milo husband of Unnamed of York 1208
josc36 Josce son of Leah 1210–1220
jose6 Joseph husband of Miriam 1214–1215
jose2 Joseph son of Miriam 1214–1215
isaa9 Isaac father of Miriam I 1214–1215
isaa10 Isaac father of Miriam II 1214–1215
abra27 Abraham son of Miriam and Joseph 1214–1233
isaa16 Isaac Red 1218
elia18 Elias of Gloucester husband of Mirabel 1218
isaa27 Isaac the Chirographer 1218–1252
aaro28 Aaron son of Abraham of London and grandson of Avigaye of London 1218–1255
bene26 Benedict Crespin husband of Henna 1218–1275
samp10 Sampson Furmentin 1219–1221
samp4 Sampson son of Abraham and Avigaye 1220
solo8 Soloman Beverly 1220
solo12 Solomon Turbe 1220
bene1 Benedict Parvus husband of Reina 1220
deul14 Deulecresse husband of Sarra 1220
jaco12 Jacob son of Josce 1220
josc24 Josce brother of Unnamed 1220
josc19 Josce of Oxford husband of Contessa 1220
furm1 Furmentin of Lincoln 1220
isaa29 Isaac husband of Unnamed I 1220
mans7 Manser husband of Miriam 1220
meir8 Meir of Bungay 1220
isaa46 Isaac son-in-law of Mirabel of Gloucester 1220–1221
abra16 Abraham son of Avigaye and Salle of Canterbury 1220–1275
samu24 Samuel of Northampton 1221
simo7 Simon son of Sarra of Norwich 1221
samp23 Sampson father of Judea of Northampton 1221
bene38 Benedict son of Riche 1221
bene39 Benedict of Northampton 1221
brun2 Brun father of Chera of Northampton 1221
aaro31 Aaron of Gloucester 1221
aaro32 Aaron son-in-law of Milka of Canterbury 1221
deud5 Deudone of Northampton 1221
jaco42 Jacob of Colchester 1221
isaa63 Isaac father of Belina of Cambridge 1221
isaa64 Isaac father of Genta of Hereford 1221
isaa65 Isaac father of Belia of Northampton 1221
isaa66 Isaac of Stamford 1221
isaa67 Isaac son of Floria 1221
samp12 Sampson son of Chera of Winchester 1221–1230
deul5 Deulebene son of Chera of Winchester 1221–1245
bone16 Bonenfant of Gloucester husband of Genta 1221–1255
davi3 David Lumbard father of Rachel 1221–1262
abra2 Abraham son of Chera of Winchester 1221–1278
josc10 Josce father of Floria 1221–1278
elia28 Elias son of Chera of Winchester 1221–1279
aaro16 Aaron son of Chera of Winchester 1222–1230
jaco15 Jacob father of Merema 1224
deul11 Deulecresse father of Tercia 1224–1225
cock1 Cocky husband of Rosa 1230
vive15 Vives husband of Belia 1230
isaa49 Isaac husband of Henna 1230
mans8 Manser son-in-law of Ivette 1230
davi6 David husband of Milkana 1230–1240
mari2 Mariot son of Rosa of York 1231
jaco19 Jacob son of Floria Lithum 1232–1237
jaco17 Jacob husband of Floria 1232–1250
mose22 Moses son of David Lumbard 1232–1262
samp21 Sampson Kokeman of London 1233
abra37 Abraham son of Abraham husband of Juette 1233
simo3 Simon Cok son of Sarra 1234
vive21 Vives of Lincoln 1234
unna47 Unnamed son of Isabella of Bristol 1234
abra9 Abraham Cokeman son-in-law of Jacob Crespin 1234
abra33 Abraham of Kent husband of Licoricia 1234
augu2 Augustine husband of Chera 1234
jaco39 Jacob son of Vives of Lincoln 1234
leos5 Leo son of Margaret 1234
isaa11 Isaac son of Maydin and Jacob Crespin 1234
mose29 Moses son of Maydin and Jacob Crespin 1234
jaco16 Jacob Crespin I 1234–1270
bone4 Bonefey son of Joya 1235
copi5 Copin husband of Joya 1235
duce4 Duceman husband of Cota 1235
bene31 Benedict son of Slema 1235–1238
deul9 Deulegard of Winchester 1235–1279
abra40 Abraham son of Miriam grandson of Joseph of Oxford 1235–1281
urse8 Ursell son of Hamo of Hereford 1236
isaa45 Isaac son of Josce Priest 1236
hamo1 Hamo of Hereford 1236
josc27 Josce Priest husband of Henna 1236–1237
leos6 Leo son of Hamo of Hereford 1236–1244
elia10 Elias l’Eveske husband of Saphira 1236–1277
abra25 Abraham son of Duce 1237
deul13 Deulebene father of Moses 1237
mose31 Moses of Worcester 1237
josh1 Joshua father of Esther 1237–1249
jaco4 Jacob son of Isaac 1237–1253
josc13 Josce son of Maydin 1238
vive19 Vives husband of Floria 1240
aaro27 Aaron of Nottinghamshire son of Abraham 1240–1256
vive13 Vives father of Avigaye 1241
vive12 Vives grandfather of Floria 1241
gars1 Garsie son-in-law of Belia 1241
jaco25 Jacob of Coutances 1241
jaco23 Jacob son of Jacob 1241
leon1 Leon husband of Belia 1241
meir9 Meir son of Sarra 1241
elia26 Elias father of Belia 1241
abra21 Abraham father of Ducelina of York 1241–1249
copi4 Copin of Canterbury son of Milkana 1241–1257
pict6 Pictavin husband of Sarra 1241–1267
zora1 Zorah son of Benjamin 1242
isaa50 Isaac father of Bona 1242
isaa28 Isaac son of Zorah 1242
isaa17 Isaac son of Zorah husband of Bona 1242
meir6 Meir son of Zorah 1242
same1 Samekin son of Glorietta of Winchester 1242–1245
yehi1 Yehiel son of Moses the Martyr 1242–1272
josc30 Josce son of Floria 1242–1275
davi5 David of Oxford 1242–1278
abra14 Abraham husband of Floria of Bungay 1243
jose1 Joseph father of Floria of Bungay 1243
jaco27 Jacob son of Floria and Leo 1243–1278
bona17 Bonamy son of Samaria 1244
vive18 Vives son-in-law of Belia of Hungerford 1244
unna51 Unnamed son of Genta 1244
urse6 Ursell father of Contessa 1244
urse7 Ursell son of Gentil 1244
aaro12 Aaron Henne husband of Dame 1244
deud3 Deudone husband of Floria 1244
deul16 Deulesant son of Chera 1244
diei8 Diei son-in-law of Slema 1244
jaco30 Jacob son of Filia of Bristol 1244
meir7 Meir father of Belia 1244
meir13 Meir son of David 1244
meir2 Meir son-in-law of Rosa 1244
bene30 Benedict of Colchester husband of Alemande 1244–1245
leos4 Leo son of Deulebene 1244–1245
isaa41 Isaac son of Elias 1244–1245
isaa31 Isaac son of Joya 1244–1245
elia8 Elias husband of Sigge 1244–1245
elia7 Elias of Warwick husband of Bessa 1244–1245
elia33 Elias son of Deulebene 1244–1245
amio1 Amiot father of Murielda 1244–1251
jaco6 Jacob of Canterbury 1244–1252
abra32 Abraham grandson of Chera of Winchester 1244–1253
deul12 Deulecresse son of Genta 1244–1253
diei3 Diei of Wallingford 1244–1268
bene17 Benedict l’Eveske of London 1244–1277
leos3 Leo son of Preciosa 1244–1281
samp15 Sampson son of Miriam 1246
yeho1 Yehoshayah son of Joseph 1246
isaa34 Isaac of London 1246
isaa61 Isaac son of Bona 1246–1247
isaa62 Isaac son of Moses Lumbard 1246–1247
azri1 Azriel the Martyr husband of Miriam 1246–1253
bene13 Benedict Pinkeneye husband of Rosa 1247
pict5 Pictavin son of Slema 1247
bone15 Bonenfant of Exeter husband of Contessa 1247–1270
bone6 Bonefey of Wallingford husband of Motta 1248
jose8 Joseph son of Meir of Bungay 1248
meir12 Meir son of Joseph 1248
solo14 Solomon son of Eliab 1249
yomt1 Yom Tov son of Moses 1249
abra5 Abraham father of Moses and Belaset 1249
abra30 Abraham of Norwich husband of Belia 1249
jose7 Joseph of Oxford 1249
mans9 Manser of Lincoln 1249
mose23 Moses son of Abraham 1249
mose30 Moses son of Berakhyah the Generous 1249
aaro26 Aaron of York husband of Unnamed 1249–1252
juda3 Judah son of Gentil 1249–1253
solo9 Solomon son of Gentil 1249–1254
jaco9 Jacob son of Gentil 1249–1254
elia15 Eliab son of Jacob husband of Gentil 1249–1254
bera1 Berakhyah son of Meir, husband of Rosa 1249–1259
jaco29 Jacob l’Eveske husband of Belaset 1249–1278
coke1 Cokerel son of Licoricia of Winchester 1249–1281
cres3 Cresse son of Genta 1249–1292
samu23 Samuel l’Eveske of York 1250
bene19 Benedict of East Coker father of Margaret 1250
bene7 Benedict son-in-law of Moses Lumbard 1250
vive9 Vives husband of Bassena 1250
yequ1 Yequtiel son of Abraham 1250
abra19 Abraham father of Esther 1250
mena1 Menahem son of Baruk 1250
solo4 Solomon Jospin 1251
mose9 Moses husband of Henna 1251
mose7 Moses of Oxford 1251
josc20 Josce father of Bona 1251–1254
elia5 Elias son of Floria 1251–1273
sall2 Salle of Canterbury husband of Avigaye 1251–1281
bone11 Bonefey father-in-law of Mildegod of Oxford 1252
cocu1 Cocus son of Jacob of Canterbury 1252
abra31 Abraham Batekoc husband of Amice 1252
jaco5 Jacob of Cambridge 1252
copi3 Copin husband of Mildegod of Oxford 1252–1253
unna49 Unnamed brothers of Belia 1252–1253
aaro10 Aaron husband of Henna, father of Pucelle 1252–1280
simo1 Simon son of Sarra 1253
deul7 Deulesant father of Avigaye 1253
juda1 Judah son of Elias 1253
leoh2 Leo husband of Floria 1253
isaa14 Isaac Pickard 1253
elia20 Elias son of Isaac 1253
elia16 Elias son of Moses husband of Pucelle 1253
samu15 Samuel son of Abraham 1253–1257
samu3 Samuel son of Joseph 1253–1257
jaco33 Jacob son of Eliab 1253–1266
abra34 Abraham son of Azriel the Martyr 1253–1275
jaco3 Jacob Couperon 1253–1280
swet2 Sweteman son of Licoricia of Winchester 1253–1283
lumb6 Lumbard son of Licoricia of Winchester 1254–1278
rich3 Richard de Stanford 1255
rich5 Richard father of Hawisia 1255
rich4 Richard father of Joan 1255
rich8 Richard husband of Elizabeth 1255
rich6 Richard husband of Emma 1255
rich9 Richard husband of Martha 1255
rich7 Richard of Dunton’ 1255
rich10 Richard of St. Swithun’s 1255
robe2 Robert Grosseteste 1255
robe1 Robert of Windour’ 1255
roge1 Roger husband of Juliana 1255
simo5 Simon son of Isabella (convert) 1255
bene37 Benedict son-in-law of Mildegod 1255
otto1 Otto husband of Dionisia 1255
unna50 Unnamed son of Laurence 1255
augu1 Augustus son of Sibilla de Chestenesham 1255
geof1 Geoffrey of Hereford 1255
john1 John Mansel 1255
john4 John brother of Hodierna 1255
john7 John related to Hodierna 1255
john5 John of Hereford 1255
john2 John of Lincoln 1255
john10 John of Northampton 1255
john9 John of St Albans 1255
john8 John son of Matilda 1255
john11 John son of Muriel 1255
jaco40 Jacob son of Genta and Bonenfant 1255
walt1 Walter son of Muriel 1255
will5 William brother of Julia 1255
will3 William father of Hodierna 1255
will6 William husband of Cecilia 1255
will2 William le Serjeant 1255
will4 William of London 1255
will7 William of Northampton 1255
will8 William father of John and Hodierna 1255
laur1 Laurence husband of Unnamed 1255
thom1 Thomas brother of Hul 1255
thom2 Thomas husband of Juliana 1255
isaa56 Isaac son of Hester 1255
mans6 Manser son of Aaron 1255
matt1 Matthew husband of Cecla 1255
mile2 Miles son-in-law of Rosa 1255
elli1 Ellis son of Hester/Ester 1255
henr1 Henry husband of Hawisia 1255
henr2 Henry son of Cristiana 1255
vive7 Vives son of Ursell 1255–1256
bene12 Benedict of Winchester son of Licoricia 1255–1280
samu10 Samuel Molqin 1256
simo4 Simon husband of Luna 1256
bone17 Bonekoc son of Luna 1256
cokh2 Cok of London husband of Unnamed, son of Aaron 1256
jose3 Joseph father of Henna 1256
yedi1 Yedidyah son of Elazar 1257
abra43 Abraham of London son of Rosa Crespin 1257
isaa2 Isaac of Canterbury 1257
jaco11 Jacob son of Menahem ha-Vardimasi 1257–1260
samu9 Samuel son of Benjamin 1258
aaro5 Aaron husband of Hermine 1258
aaro25 Aaron son of Nyron Chabard’ 1258
abra12 Abraham son of Isaac 1258
hagi5 Hagin of Ipswich 1258–1272
abra17 Abraham Russell husband of Gyna 1259–1276
mena2 Menahem son of Yehoshayah 1260
abra26 Abraham of York father of Florence 1260–1269
solo1 Solomon l’Eveske husband of Floria 1260–1275
aaro21 Aaron of Marlborough father of Belaset 1260–1275
isaa32 Isaac of Warwick father of Chera 1260–1275
josc16 Josce French 1261
jose5 Joseph husband of Belia 1261
mesh1 Meshullam father of Filia 1261
mose21 Moses father of Belia 1261
pict2 Pictavin of Bedford husband of Belia 1261–1281
reub1 Reuben father of Milkana 1262
samp3 Sampson husband of Miriam 1262
samp14 Sampson son of Haka 1262
bene15 Benedict father of Antera 1262
copi1 Copin son of Floria 1262
cres7 Cresse father of Avigaye 1262
pict1 Pictavin husband of Floria 1262
aaro17 Aaron son of Haka 1262
abra29 Abraham son of Jacob 1262
diei10 Diei son-in-law of Ivette 1262
jaco22 Jacob son of Chera 1262
isaa6 Isaac of Bedford 1262
male2 Malet’ son of Floria 1262
elia9 Elias father of Amice 1262
abra23 Abraham son of Joseph Crespin 1262–1264
samp19 Sampson of Northampton husband of Floria 1262–1265
bone8 Bonenfant of Bedford husband of Sarra 1262–1270
abra39 Abraham husband of Antera 1262–1276
solo10 Solomon father of Contessa 1264
vive6 Vives father of Maruna 1264
aaro9 Aaron husband of Belia 1264
juda6 Judah son of Eliab 1264
meir5 Meir son of Sampson the White 1264
mose25 Moses son of Samuel 1264
hayy1 Hayyim father of Miriam 1264
yeho2 Yehoshayah son of Sampson ha-Levi 1264–1267
abra13 Abraham/Deulecresse son of Solomon 1265
jaco32 Jacob l’Eveske husband of Contessa 1265
josc5 Josce son of Isaac 1265
juda2 Judah son of Elias 1265
samu14 Samuel son of Aaron of York 1265–1273
aaro22 Aaron of York husband of Henna 1265–1281
samu20 Samuel son of Yehoshayah ha-Kohen 1266
saul2 Saulot husband of Unnamed 1266
urse5 Ursell son of Sampson 1266
pict7 Pictavin son of Floria of Northampton 1266
yeho3 Yehoshayah son of Elias Kokhav 1266
aaro20 Aaron husband of Unnamed 1266
isaa12 Isaac of Senlis 1266
elia29 Elias Kokhav husband of Yiskah 1266
jose4 Joseph father of Miriam 1266–1267
mose15 Moses son of Belia and Aaron 1266–1272
elie1 Eliezer son of Solomon 1266–1274
jaco7 Jacob of Oxford father of Antera 1266–1275
abra36 Abraham son of Belia and Aaron 1266–1278
bate2 Bateman son of Cresse 1267
deud2 Deudone husband of Sarra 1267
jaco8 Jacob son of Joseph 1267
isaa38 Isaac of Bungay 1267
isaa39 Isaac l’Eveske husband of Floria 1267–1268
isaa26 Isaac of Warwick father of Sarra 1267–1274
saul1 Saulot Motun 1267–1275
abra35 Abraham son of Antera of Cambridge 1267–1278
samu19 Samuel le Blund 1267–1280
jaco26 Jacob of Oxford 1267–1281
isaa20 Isaac of Oxford 1267–1281
elia17 Elias son of Master Moses 1267–1293
samu13 Samuel Mutun 1268
solo6 Solomon son of Lumbard of Cricklade 1268
deul8 Deulesant Cok 1268
diei4 Diei of Stanford 1268
isaa23 Isaac son of Deulecresse 1268
mast1 Master Moses husband of Antera 1268
mose20 Moses of Devizes 1268
abra45 Abraham son of Isaac of Oxford 1268–1269
josc38 Josce son of Isaac of Oxford 1268–1269
jaco41 Jacob son of Isaac of Oxford 1268–1269
isaa24 Isaac nephew of Aaron of York 1268–1270
aaro4 Aaron son of Leo 1268–1276
josc22 Josce son of Benedict 1268–1276
solo5 Solomon of Marlborough 1268–1277
josp1 Jospin son of Solomon of Marlborough 1268–1277
lumb3 Lumbard son of Solomon of Marlborough 1268–1277
lumb5 Lumbard of Cricklade 1268–1281
isaa52 Isaac of Norwich 1268–1281
aaro11 Aaron son of Avigaye and Salle of Canterbury 1269–1275
isaa13 Isaac son of Avigaye and Salle of Canterbury 1269–1275
josc4 Josce son of Avigaye and Salle of Canterbury 1269–1278
samp9 Sampson husband of Floria 1270
bene25 Benedict son of Clarice 1270
bone9 Bonevie son of Bonenfant 1270
vive16 Vives son-in-law of Contessa 1270
abra24 Abraham son of Glorietta 1270
diei2 Diei father of Floria 1270
leod1 Leo de Senlis 1270–1272
vive11 Vives le Chauntur 1270–1273
elia1 Elias son of Master Aaron 1270–1273
bene28 Benedict Bateman father of Giwa 1270–1275
lumb2 Lumbard l’Eveske of Exeter 1270–1275
mose8 Moses son of Belia 1270–1278
jaco14 Jacob son of Belia of Bedford 1270–1280
bene4 Benedict son of Josce, husband of Sarra 1270–1292
aaro19 Aaron husband of Judith daughter of Belaset 1271
aaro15 Aaron Crespin 1271–1278
samu7 Samuel of Lohun 1271–1280
bera2 Berakhyah son of Moses of Lincoln 1271–1281
bene32 Benedict de Cauz husband of Pya 1271–1297
samp20 Sampson son of Sampson 1272
bene14 Benedict of Oxford son of Contessa 1272
vive10 Vives Cok 1272
abra41 Abraham son of Antera 1272
gars2 Garsya son of Giwa 1272
nich1 Nicholas the Goldsmith 1272
leos8 Leo son-in-law of Henna 1272
isaa42 Isaac father of Jurna 1272
bone12 Bonevie of Newbury husband of Floria 1272–1273
josc15 Josce of Lincoln 1272–1273
sade1 Sadekin of Northampton 1272–1276
josc11 Josce son of Slema 1272–1278
faun1 Fauntekin of Bedford 1272–1280
meir1 Meir grandson of Preciosa 1272–1280
cres13 Cresse of Bedford son of Sarra 1272–1281
samp11 Sampson grandfather of Gertelote 1273
samp8 Sampson son of Meir 1273
samu4 Samuel Gabbay 1273
samu17 Samuel husband of Antera 1273
samu2 Samuel son of Genta 1273
solo3 Solomon husband of Rosa 1273
solo15 Solomon l’Eveske husband of Rosa 1273
bate3 Bateman husband of Solal 1273
bene23 Benedict father of Milla 1273
bene5 Benedict son of Cok 1273
bone18 Bonenfant of Kent 1273
bone10 Bonevie of Bedford husband of Slema 1273
cres10 Cresse son of Floria 1273
aaro8 Aaron husband of Bona 1273
abra8 Abraham Carazin husband of Pora 1273
abra7 Abraham of Berkhamsted son of Manser 1273
abra28 Abraham son of Bonami 1273
abra22 Abraham son of Cok 1273
deud4 Deudone husband of Antera 1273
deul6 Deulecresse son of Malecote of Lincoln 1273
diei7 Diei of Warwick 1273
josc12 Josce son of Abraham Carazin 1273
isaa44 Isaac son of Manser 1273
meir11 Meir son of Sampson 1273
meir16 Meir of Oxford 1273
mose17 Moses of Lincoln 1273
mose6 Moses of Pavely 1273
mose13 Moses son of Malecote of Lincoln 1273
elia27 Elias of Doncaster husband of Prude 1273
hagi3 Hagin son of Master Moses 1273
hagi2 Hagin of Lincoln 1273–1274
josc32 Josce son of Diei 1273–1275
mans5 Manser of York 1273–1275
bene22 Benedict son of Jacob 1273–1276
davi2 David father of Bona 1273–1276
saun1 Saunte husband of Floria 1273–1278
jorn1 Jornin of Canterbury 1273–1280
vive8 Vives son of Master Moses 1273–1292
samm1 Samme husband of Chera 1274
urse3 Ursell of Lincoln 1274
unna68 Unnamed husband of Slema of Southwark 1274
diei6 Diei of Holm 1274
isaa22 Isaac father of Slema 1274
isaa47 Isaac le Polet 1274
isaa35 Isaac of Buckingham 1274
meir4 Meir son of Meir 1274
mose10 Moses husband of Henna 1274
duce3 Duce of Patripol 1274–1275
isaa51 Isaac Gabbay 1274–1275
mose5 Moses of Canterbury 1274–1275
leoo3 Leo of Norwich 1274–1276
abra10 Abraham of Dorking husband of Rosa 1274–1277
saue1 Sauett son of Belia 1274–1278
isaa15 Isaac of Southwark 1274–1292
samp5 Sampson father-in-law of Genta 1275
samp6 Sampson son of Belia 1275
samu11 Samuel of Carlenn 1275
samu12 Samuel son of Isaac 1275
samu22 Samuel son of Moses 1275
seni1 Senior son of Floria 1275
bene18 Benedict father of Duce 1275
bene9 Benedict father of Rosa 1275
bene21 Benedict son of Bona 1275
bone13 Bonefey father of Ivette wife of Josce Bullak 1275
copi2 Copin son of Bonevita 1275
cres6 Cresse son of Ivette 1275
cres14 Cresse son of Belia of Bedford 1275
pict4 Pictavin son of Hermine 1275
aaro13 Aaron father of Belia 1275
aaro7 Aaron father of Margelote 1275
aaro2 Aaron father of Sarra 1275
abek1 Abekyn husband of Henna 1275
abra20 Abraham son of Abraham 1275
abra15 Abraham son of Moses 1275
deul4 Deulecresse father of Saffron 1275
diei5 Diei of Rising 1275
jaco37 Jacob father of Genta 1275
jaco38 Jacob son of Rosa 1275
josc37 Josce brother of Isaac Gabbay 1275
josc1 Josce son of Copin 1275
josc33 Josce son of Moses 1275
juda4 Judah husband of Fluria 1275
juda5 Judah of Acres 1275
leof2 Leo father of Belaset 1275
leof1 Leo father of Rosella 1275
leoo4 Leo of Burford 1275
lumb4 Lumbard husband of Cresse 1275
isaa8 Isaac father of Licoricia of Winchester 1275
isaa55 Isaac husband of Rosa 1275
mans3 Manser father of Boneta 1275
mich2 Michael of Bristol father of Joya 1275
milo2 Milo husband of Rosa 1275
mose14 Moses son of Avigaye and Salle of Canterbury 1275
mose24 Moses son of Chera 1275
mose26 Moses son of Hermine 1275
elia24 Elias son of Moses grandson of Chera 1275
hagi4 Hagin son of Belaset 1275
hake1 Hake son of Rosa of York 1275
urse1 Ursell of Gloucester 1275–1276
sake1 Sakerel husband of Milkana 1275–1277
cokh1 Cok Hagin husband of Unnamed 1275–1277
josc26 Josce of Colchester 1275–1277
deul3 Deulecresse father of Formosa 1275–1278
josc23 Josce Bullok husband of Ivette 1275–1278
elia13 Elias father of Floria of Northampton 1275–1278
samp16 Sampson/Samuel son of Sampson 1275–1280
samu5 Samuel of Colchester 1275–1280
mans1 Manser son of Abraham 1275–1280
hake3 Hake of Worcester son of Diei 1275–1280
solo7 Solomon of Winchester 1275–1281
deud1 Deudone Crespin son of Benedict 1275–1281
elia2 Elias husband of Iva 1275–1281
aaro1 Aaron le Blund 1275–1282
isaa30 Isaac son of Isaac of Provence 1275–1285
bene11 Benedict son of Samuel of Canterbury 1276
caro1 Carol husband of Francisca 1276
vive14 Vives son of Floria 1276
aaro14 Aaron son of Muriel 1276
abra6 Abraham husband of Besse 1276
aaro30 Aaron father of Belaset of London 1276
deul10 Deulecresse of Winchester 1276
jaco24 Jacob Rose of Fossegate 1276
john6 John Thurmund 1276
josc17 Josce l’Arbelaster 1276
leos2 Leo son of Miles 1276
loua1 Louar’ husband of Floria 1276
mose19 Moses husband of Bassa 1276
mose18 Moses husband of Floria 1276
mose11 Moses of Kent 1276
seni2 Senior husband of Chera 1276–1277
isaa25 Isaac l’Eveske husband of Genta 1276–1280
isaa33 Isaac of Calne 1276–1280
elia12 Elias son of Bassena 1276–1281
davi4 David son of Meir 1276–1292
samu8 Samuel husband of Unnamed 1277
samu6 Samuel son of Chera 1277
sauv1 Sauvage husband of Belia 1277
simo2 Simon son of Sampson 1277
swet3 Sweteman of Burford 1277
bene35 Benedict husband of Genta 1277
bene29 Benedict of Canterbury husband of Unnamed 1277
bene10 Benedict son of Josce 1277
bers1 Bersale father of Preciosa 1277
bond1 Bondi husband of Unnamed 1277
boni1 Bonianus of Bordeaux 1277
cres8 Cresse son of Abraham 1277
vive17 Vives son of Belia of Bretstrete 1277
vive20 Vives son of Rosa and Benedict Crespin 1277
aaro23 Aaron of Rye husband of Unnamed 1277
abra42 Abraham son-in-law of Genta 1277
gama1 Gamaliel of London 1277
jaco13 Jacob of Dunmow 1277
josc21 Josce of Calais 1277
josc34 Josce son of Benedict Crespin 1277
josc7 Josce son of Milka 1277
josc9 Josce son of Pigone 1277
isaa40 Isaac de Celar’ 1277
isaa43 Isaac husband of Douce 1277
isaa19 Isaac husband of Unnamed II 1277
isaa18 Isaac of Honiton 1277
isaa57 Isaac of Bordeaux 1277
meir10 Meir son of Florecote 1277
mend1 Mendant son of Slema 1277
mose34 Moses son of Avigaye 1277
mose12 Moses son of Henna and Solomon of Winchester 1277
elia11 Elias le Mire husband of Unnamed 1277
elia25 Elias son of Benedict husband of Belaset 1277
elia14 Elias son of Vives 1277
elia32 Elias of Bordeaux 1277
samu16 Samuel of Bedford 1277–1278
bene24 Benedict l’Eskyrmisur husband of Avigaye 1277–1278
binc1 Binchecok Ballard husband of Margaliz 1277–1278
coks1 Cok son of Jacob, husband of Unnamed 1277–1278
aaro18 Aaron husband of Belaset 1277–1278
jeve1 Jeve son of Margaliz 1277–1278
josc25 Josce of Hereford 1277–1278
elia21 Elias son of Benedict husband of Slema 1277–1278
hake2 Hake son of Rosa of Lincoln 1277–1278
vive2 Vives le Romanzour 1277–1280
abra18 Abraham Hakeman le Prestre husband of Henna 1277–1280
jaco28 Jacob son of Aaron of Canterbury 1277–1280
josc8 Josce of Guildford 1277–1281
mich1 Michael l’Eveske 1277–1281
mose3 Moses son of Avigaye of Northampton 1277–1286
mose27 Moses son of Jacob 1277–1290
samp18 Sampsekyn le Hennere 1278
samp17 Sampson of Norwich 1278
solo16 Solomon son of Bonenfant of Nottingham 1278
bene36 Benedict Levy husband of Henna 1278
bene20 Benedict son of Josce, husband of Floria 1278
bona16 Bonamy of Calne brother of Avigaye 1278
bona18 Bonamy of Kent husband of Floria 1278
bone5 Bonevie father of Notekyn 1278
bone19 Bonevie son of Vives 1278
bone20 Bonenfant of Nottingham 1278
cove1 Covele son of Ryka 1278
vive1 Vives son of Belia 1278
pete1 Peter son of Sampson, husband of Floria 1278
pict3 Pictavin son of Ursell husband of Hermine 1278
aaro3 Aaron father of Rosa 1278
abra4 Abraham of Kent husband of Floria 1278
jaco21 Jacob son of Contessa 1278
jaco36 Jacob son of Joieta 1278
josc35 Josce father of Belaset 1278
josc6 Josce father of Muriel 1278
josc18 Josce of Germany 1278
josc28 Josce son of Henna of Lincoln 1278
leol1 Leo le Mire 1278
leoo1 Leo of Stamford 1278
leos7 Leo son of Meir 1278
isaa36 Isaac son of Deulegard 1278
mose4 Moses father of Reine 1278
mulc1 Mulcok’ son of Floria 1278
elia19 Elias son of Benedict husband of Mille 1278
samp7 Sampson son of Vives 1278–1279
jaco1 Jacob son of Solomon of Marlborough 1278–1279
samp13 Sampson of Worcester 1278–1280
bene3 Benedict father of Ivette of York 1278–1280
josp2 Jospin father of Henna 1278–1280
cres9 Cresse son of Elias 1278–1285
bene27 Benedict l’Eveske son of Jacob 1278–1300
bone7 Bonevie of Newbury husband of Pucelle 1279
cres2 Cresse of Harebergh husband of Contessa 1279
josc31 Josce of Oxford husband of Muriel 1279
lumb7 Lumbard of Windsor 1279
isaa48 Isaac father of Belaset 1279
isaa7 Isaac son of Isaac 1279
cres12 Cresse grandson of Genta 1279–1280
bene16 Benedict son of Belia of Bedford 1279–1281
meir14 Meir grandson of Belaset 1279–1281
samu21 Samuel father of Muriel 1280
samu18 Samuel of Arundel 1280
solo13 Solomon of Alcester 1280
solo11 Solomon of Brubrok’ 1280
barn1 Barnabas of Northampton 1280
bene33 Benedict father of Floria 1280
bone14 Bonefey husband of Belaset 1280
cres4 Cresse son of Leo 1280
urse4 Ursell son of Isaac 1280
pict8 Pictavin le Fort 1280
aaro6 Aaron father of Milkana 1280
abra38 Abraham le Jovene father of Rosa 1280
abra1 Abraham son of Henna 1280
didd1 Didde son of Belia 1280
jaco18 Jacob Crespin II 1280
jaco31 Jacob husband of Dell’ of Cambridge 1280
jaco34 Jacob of Bedford 1280
jahu1 Jahu husband of Henna 1280
jorn3 Jornin son of Abraham 1280
josc14 Josce son of Jacob 1280
leoh1 Leo husband of Florecote 1280
lumb1 Lumbard husband of Antera of York 1280
isaa37 Isaac husband of Marona 1280
isaa21 Isaac of Berkhamsted 1280
isaa3 Isaac of Warwick father of Sygonia 1280
isaa53 Isaac son of Hermine 1280
isaa5 Isaac son of Josce le Joevne 1280
mans2 Manser son of Josce 1280
mose28 Moses father of Sarra 1280
elia30 Elias father of Giwa 1280
elia22 Elias husband of Henna Capyun 1280
elki1 Elkin brother of Sarra of Winchester 1280
hagi6 Hagin of Bradestede 1280
bene2 Benedict l’Eveske father of Margalicia 1280–1281
leoo2 Leo of York 1280–1281
mose33 Moses of Warwick 1280–1281
elia3 Elias son of Henna and Aaron of York 1280–1281
gama2 Gamaliel of Oxford 1280–1285
diei9 Diei son of Abraham 1280–1292
samp2 Sampson of Northampton 1281
samp1 Sampson son of Sarra 1281
samu1 Samuel son of Aaron of York 1281
saul3 Saulot le Petit husband of Blissa 1281
solo2 Solomon son of Solomon of Southampton 1281
cres5 Cresse son of Floria 1281
vive4 Vives le Long 1281
vive3 Vives son of Molle 1281
aaro24 Aaron son of Sampson 1281
abra3 Abraham son of Cokerel 1281
abra44 Abraham of Norwich son of Columba 1281
davi1 David of Northampton 1281
deul15 Deulecresse husband of Pucelle 1281
diei1 Diei son of Deulecresse 1281
jaco2 Jacob of Shaftesbury 1281
jaco35 Jacob son of Mildegod 1281
jorn2 Jornin son of Juetta and Deudone Crespin 1281
josc29 Josce father of Juette 1281
josc3 Josce of Marlborough 1281
josc2 Josce son of Syggh’ 1281
isaa4 Isaac l’Eveske 1281
isaa54 Isaac of Campden 1281
isaa1 Isaac son of Bonamy of Oxford 1281
mans4 Manser son of David and Reina 1281
meir15 Meir son of Sampson 1281
mose32 Moses le Graunt husband of Floria 1281
mose1 Moses le Petit 1281
mose16 Moses of Dog Street 1281
elia31 Elias of Doncaster husband of Belaset 1281
elia4 Elias of Northampton son of Esther 1281
elia23 Elias son of Cresse 1281
hake4 Hake son of Sarra de Londʼ 1281
cres11 Cresse son of Jacob 1282
fant1 Fantin son of Aaron le Blund 1282
meir3 Meir son of Jacob of London 1284
isaa58 Isaac of Provence 1285
isaa60 Isaac Atte Perin 1285–1286
hake5 Hake/Isaac Atte Perin of Winchester 1285–1286
abra46 Abraham son of Elias son of Master Moses 1286
isaa59 Isaac son of Aaron 1286
unna65 Unnamed Jew of Bedford son of Sarra of Windesor 1287
hagi1 Hagin of Webbeleye 1287
mose2 Moses of Horndon 1288
mile1 Miles of London son of Jacob 1289
bona21 Bonamy of York 1290
bene34 Benedict of Winchester father of Avigaye 1290–1292
vive22 Vives of Winchester 1290–1292
aaro29 Aaron son of Slema 1290–1292
duce5 Duceman husband of Roesia 1290–1292
josc40 Josce son of Benedict 1290–1292
lumb8 Lumbard of Winchester son of Belia 1290–1292
vive5 Vives of Gloucester 1290–1297
simo6 Simon husband of Henna 1292
saun2 Saune husband of Henna 1292
mose35 Moses nephew of Antera Hagge 1300
mopp1 Moppa nephew of Antera Hagge 1300