Joyetta of Marlborough

Referred to in records as: “Joietta”, “Joiette”.


  • Convert to Christianity

Brief biography

Joyetta was connected to two important Jewish families: she was the granddaughter of Solomon and Muriel of Marlborough (daughter of their son Lumbard), and she was married to another Solomon, one of the sons of Lumbard and Belaset of Cricklade. By 1268, she had converted to Christianity, likely during the Second Barons’ War, and the actions of her father Lumbard and uncle Jospin provide some evidence for how a Jewish family might respond to such an event. Her father scrambled to recover at least one significant debt in Joyetta’s name, which should otherwise have gone to the king because of her conversion. In this, Lumbard apparently had the support of Hugh Lovel, rector of Radbourn, who owed Joyetta 32 marks (a little over £21): Hugh agreed to replace the bond with one in Lumbard’s name and paid the money owing. Joyetta’s uncle Jospin (Lumbard’s brother) then informed the Justices of the Jews of his brother’s actions. The move seems to have backfired on Jospin, however: he failed to follow through with prosecution against his brother, and the king seized his belongings pending the litigation of the charge against Lumbard. Joyetta’s fate is otherwise unknown.
Further reading
  • Hillaby, J. and C. Hillaby, The Palgrave Dictionary of Medieval Anglo-Jewish History. London: Palgrave. 2015, s.v. Marlborough, Wiltshire, pp. 267–268.

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